REACH Takes Over Texas A&M With Over 300 Displays

texas a&m digital signage takeover

Empowering Education

Texas A&M University has partnered with REACH to expand its digital signage program. With over 300 displays set up, the initiative is meant to streamline campus communication efforts and drive student engagement.

Hosting tens of thousands of students and visitors a month, Texas A&M aims to provide students with a variety of useful tools. For instance, digital wayfinding integrations can help visitors navigate campus, while informative posts and calendar templates inform students of events around the community.

Install coordinator Ryan Douglas has been leading the project, citing REACH’s cloud-based software as a huge aid in meeting the university’s needs.

“The fact we were able to set everything up for remote management is a huge positive. Being able to share one playlist to all screens instead of manually updating all 300 of them should make communication quick and efficient.”

Texas A&M staff are now learning the intricacies of their new CMS digital sign software. Moving forward, students and staff can expect to see digital menu boards, welcome and wayfinding signage, student announcements, recreational activities, dynamic videos, and more!


With its headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, REACH Media Network is a frontrunner among digital signage software and solution providers. For over 15 years, REACH has been driven by its team’s dedication to client satisfaction and the development of cutting-edge technologies. Building lasting relationships with our customers is important to us. Therefore we work hard to ensure they always have access to the most advanced digital signage software.

Our roots may be traced back to the ice rink scene in Minnesota when in 2005, Darren Wercinski and Marc Kline founded Reach Sports Marketing Group. In response to skyrocketing demand for digital signage services, REACH has rapidly expanded into various settings, from boardrooms and classrooms to factories and campus cafes. As a result, our clientele of 5,000+ continues to grow, and we now manage over 30,000 digital signage displays globally.