REACH’s Live Streaming Digital Signage App Now Includes Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams digital signage software

REACH’s live streaming digital signage application has been updated to include connectivity with Microsoft Teams. A premium subscription, which gives users access to additional, more powerful tools, is required for users to make use of this function.

According to Tristan Helleen, Director of Client Relations, “Microsoft Teams is a staple of communication across many industries, ours included. By integrating Microsoft Teams with our signage software, we will be able to help many of our customers simplify their communication.”

A New Way to Live Stream with Digital Signage

Live streaming digital signage can be utilized for various purposes, including linking staff members for meetings, and displaying entertainment, news, sports, and other forms of entertainment. Doing so will benefit the overall morale of the business and add more diversity to the signage you use.

With REACH’s live streaming digital signage app, users can now stream meetings and content from other users to their digital displays due to the digital signage integration with Microsoft Teams. Because of this, it is possible for anyone, regardless of location, to participate in a meeting. This helps keep members of the team informed and on track. The result is a staff that is both more productive and efficient.

YouTube, Zoom, WebEx, and many other platforms offer streaming services. If there is any third-party software that you wish to connect with REACH’s Content Management System (CMS), don’t hesitate to get in touch with your account manager so that the project can be scoped out.

Microsoft Teams Digital Signage

When you connect Microsoft Teams to your digital display network, it’s easy to show your staff different visual communication methods. So, your digital signage software becomes an enterprise-wide internal communication software that lets you easily share company-wide messages, key performance indicators (KPIs), and helpful reminders through Teams or any of the other channels supported by your software (for example screensavers, digital displays, conference rooms, intranets, smart televisions, video walls, and hyperlinks).

A Medium Your Employees Already Use

Your employees use Microsoft Teams a lot during the day to share information and work on projects together. Now they can use it to get to the company’s internal messages and talk to workers on the move.


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