How to Set Up a Digital Dashboard Display to Display Company News

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Staying informed on company news is essential to carrying out everyday tasks. News applications can present these announcements to notify staff of company market standings, competitor analysis, and industry trends. In addition to keeping staff notified on important updates, the news application can also entertain your staff and energize them for the rest of the day. Looking to try digital signage out yourself? Click here to begin!

Setting Up a Digital News Dashboard

Begin by creating your zone in the Layout Editor and select the “News Stories” option. Go to the “News Settings” menu. Here, you will be able to open a dropdown menu that will present the options you have available. The pre-selected options provide a wide range of sites to pull articles from in industries such as commerce, entertainment, sports, tech, and general news/top stories. You can then decide how many stories will be displayed and if the format appears in landscape or portrait mode. However, you are not just limited to these options. You can also add custom links to news websites if you want to connect with one that is unlisted. This works similarly to adding a Ticker to an app timeline. You simply need the RSS Feed URL from the site, which you can typically find with a Google search. Paste it into the link URL section, and the rest is the same as adding a pre-selected feed. From there, you will select a display format for your news board as well as customize certain aspects through CSS.

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Other Ways of Conveying News

News can be shown in ways outside of the news app. Standard announcements can display company news in looping playlists to ensure viewers have multiple chances to see a post. Additionally, calendar integrations can display upcoming events and deadlines. RSS feeds can display news alerts in a concise manner that will not detract from other parts of your layout. Altogether, digital signage is a flexible system that provides multiple ways to achieve the same result.


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