Why your school needs digital signage now

It comes to no surprise to hear young people in the demographic group called “millenials” are consuming the majority of their news and entertainment information through some kind of digital screen outlet. In fact, according to a study done by Deloitte, even the old standby, the television, is becoming a “secondary source”, pushed aside by handheld phone or tablet devices.

It may come as common sense, but any business or organization who plans on targeting their information at this group should be utilizing digital communications they are more likely to notice and trust. Increasingly, digital signage in education is spreading quickly through REACH; it’s visually interesting and an efficient way of communicating school activities and important information as 97 percent of students prefer to receive information via digital channels.

There are numerous ways school digital signage panels can be utilized to reach your desired audience, but below, you will find a few reasons to consider the use of digital signage to reach your students effectively and efficiently. Why you ask? Digital signage for schools

In the generational group known as “millenials,” young people consume the vast majority of their news and entertainment material via a digital screen. Handheld phone and tablet devices are increasingly replacing the once-dominant television set as the “secondary source,” according to a recent Deloitte report.

The use of digital communications may seem like simple sense, but every business or organization that wants to reach this demographic should do so. REACH is seeing an increase in the use of digital signage in schools, as it is both visually appealing and an effective means of conveying essential school events and information to the 97% of students who prefer to receive it via digital media.

For a variety of reasons, you should think about using school digital signage panels to reach your target audience, but we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites. What’s the reason, I hear you ask? Digital signage frees up valuable classroom space, provides real-time access to emergency information, and does all of this while attracting the attention of your target audience.

Eliminate muddle and chaos

Think back to those huge bulletin boards that occupied a lot of wall space and were filled with obsolete material or flyers that had not been approved. For example, our digital signage will allow us to free up that area, make it mandatory for posts to be approved and impossible to get around, and put the maintenance of it in the hands of one or two staff members rather of several users.

Alerts in the event of an emergency

Students’ cellphones are being increasingly used to send out emergency information in real time via text or email on more and more college campuses. If a student or member of the faculty does not have access to their phone due to the weather or security concerns, a campus-wide digital signage system can serve as an effective and immediate notification solution. It is possible to keep a queue of announcements ready to go, or to produce new announcements on the fly to address any unexpected scenarios.

Captivating the attention of others

No matter what type of school you visit, there will always be places where students stand in line as a target audience for marketing and advertising purposes. With a digital signage display in the library, main office, or cafeteria, they will be more likely to see it than a simple flyer. There is no limit to the kinds of information you can share, including weather forecasts, deadlines, and weekly specials. The savings in paper and ink, not to mention a more well-informed target audience, are obvious when you consider that each announcement is disseminating multiple messages.

frees up space, can display vital emergency information immediately, and above all, capture your viewers attention.

Reduce clutter and confusion

Think back to those giant bulletin boards that took up large amounts of wall space and were  cluttered with outdated information or unapproved flyers? Our digital signage can free up that space, making approval for posts mandatory and impossible to get around, and put the maintenance in the hands of one or two staff members rather than multiple users.

Emergency alerts

More and more campuses are utilizing students’ cellphones to push out emergency information in real-time through text or email messages. Complementing those one-to-one student communications, a digital signage system used throughout a school campus is an efficient and immediate way to alert students and staff who may not have access via their phone to any weather or security-related emergencies. Standard messages can be kept in your que of announcements to be posted when needed, or new messages can be created on the fly to address any unexpected situations that arise.

Captive audience

No matter what kind of education facility you visit, there are always locations where students are a target audience as they stand in line. In the library, at the main office or in the cafeteria, a dynamic digital signage display will catch their attention more effectively than a flyer posted on a bulletin board. Weather reports, deadlines, weekly specials… there is no limit to the kinds of information you can share. And, since you are sharing more than one message with each announcement — the return on investment is easy to see in reduced usage of paper and ink, not to mention a better informed target audience.