Why libraries need to consider digital signage

Libraries are definitely a vertical that has been with us for centuries, but is striving to enter the 21st century successfully while staying relevant in a very different social and information market.

Below are a few great ways that libraries can utilize REACH digital signage to benefit their members without negatively impacting their bottom line:

Digital information desk

Most libraries have an information desk somewhere near the entrance, often staffed with volunteers.

Digital signage can reduce the burden placed on the information desk by sharing timely information and answering frequently asked questions. Digital signage appeals to a large range of demographics, from young children to older individuals who may have difficulty reading small print on flyers and brochures.

Event schedules in real time

It is a no-brainer to consider adding event schedules to digital signage. All the information that is sent by newsletter or email also can be shared on the screen. Book club meetings, readings by local authors, political and community group gathering, and sales in the library book store are just a few. And if you use digital signage, updates and cancellations can be shared immediately with anyone passing by.


Wayfinding has been a popular feature of many digital signage programs, especially at large institutions such as universities and medical centers, and at tourist attractions that cover many acres of ground. While most libraries would not be considered “sprawling” spaces, most do have separate areas for music, research, fiction, periodicals and children’s materials, and many cover several levels of a single building.

A digital map scheduled at frequent intervals on a digital sign slide program can reduce printing costs for paper maps and volunteer time spent directing guests.

Keeping down costs

Many libraries are non-profit entities, or at the very least, operating on an extremely tight budget. The cost-to-benefit return on investment on digital signage is a huge bonus for these kinds of institutions. With easy-to-use hardware, and limited training required, any employee can be taught to manage the messaging shared on digital signage, and changes can be made quickly without significant disruption to the display or the employee’s schedule.

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