Why Digital Signage for your YMCA Branches

Heavily dependent on flyers and posters to promote memberships and services? Looking to reduce clutter and standardize your communication and messaging across all branches and locations? Look no further-our robust digital signage software can do just that!

One of the main reasons more and more YMCAs are turning to our signage and software is to maintain the consistency of their messaging throughout all branches, as well as stay compliant to all brand standards. No need to worry about messages not being updated because someone forgot to take a flyer out of a frame-with our software, you are able to make sure every branch has the most fresh, relevant information quickly and more efficiently than ever before!

With your members being able to check the weather at a glance as they head out the door, see the latest social media post, and other endless options, there are lots of little perks to having signage that goes beyond what flyering did. Use your signage to push specific programs or initiatives that your Y wants to promote internally to your members, such as special events, membership drives, daycamp enrollment, or fundraising pushes.

The flexibility of our system allows your Y system to push out messaging to all of your branches and locations, but also allows individual locations to customize content with their own messaging, allowing them to have a unique look and feel while also maintaining the brand identity.

Having user permissions-from approving an announcement before it goes live on the screen(s) to having the ability to update certain branches-you are able to control what your employees have access to instantly from a facility admin account.

What are you waiting for? Increase your membership, program registration and retention rates today with REACH digital software!