The Value of Digital Signage in Today’s Church

“Should our church have a website?” or “Should we use projectors and screens in our worship center?”-To many, those questions seem almost laughable now. Today, it’s a given that majority of churches have a website and the use of projectors in worship on a weekly basis.

For those looking to connect with your followers, the technology that sits at the head of the curve is now digital signage. The question many churches are now asking: “Should our church embrace digital signage?”

The answer is yes, no matter the size of your ministry. Of course, REACH’s digital signage, like a website, functions to provide information and value to your audience. There are several distinct advantages in using digital signage in your church as a key way to share internal communication:

Digital signage serves as an easy-to-update announcement tool

Still, there may be the need for the occasional church bulletin, but many churches today are adopting for more efficient and productive way to communicate need-to-know information to their congregation – service times, special announcements, outreach programs, bible study times, even special offers or sales within a café or bookstore. Having digital signage available throughout your building makes it easy for members to stay informed and for visitors to get a feel for what the church’s vision and mission is like.

Using digital signage can bring a community together

Sharing information about member-owned businesses, recognizing staff members or highlighting the accomplishments of people throughout your church allows viewers to learn more about the area in which they live and serve.

Another useful aspects of REACH’s digital signage solution lies in the ability to utilize and update certain information dynamically. News feeds, local weather, and videos are a few of the examples of this kind of content a church can share with its congregation. I

Digital signage is much easier to update

The set-up is simple-our software runs from a compute stick or PC that hooks into the back of your screen and the content can be managed from any computer by access a website for your content management system. Having one PC or compute stick per screen allows for maximum flexibility in determining what content is shown on each screen, allowing you to customize the content on individual screens.

The beauty of this is that your content is easy-to-update and modify. Announcements and videos can be set to a schedule –eliminating the need for real-time management. Integrating with a scheduling software and social media outlets can also eliminate workload, while still ensuring you are able to get your messages across to a variety of audiences.

As it was with developing a church website, in a short time, integrating REACH’s digital signage in your church’s communication strategy will become an essential in communicating and connecting socially with your church’s community.