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Improve College Communication Through Digital Signage Why Your Campus Needs Digital Signage Students are increasingly connected to the digital landscape. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets are some of the tools you’re likely to find in a typical college backpack. These devices not only help with their studies but also as an information and social network. WithContinue reading “Streamline Campus Communication with Digital Signage”

More and more educational institutions are beginning to understand the value of digital signage, and REACH Media Network is proud to announce that Northwestern University is adding new digital signage campus-wide. The University is excited to leverage many of the features that are part of REACH’s cloud based digital signage solution.

Most colleges and universities around the country have college digital signage located around their campuses displaying a wide array of information. If your educational institution is looking to upgrade their digital signage software to improve the aesthetic look and feel as well as the available features, feel free to learn more about digital signage softwareContinue reading “Interactive Displays for Colleges and Universities”