REACH Announces New Corporate Metrics KPI Digital Signage Dashboard Tool

KPI Dashboard digital signage

Measure Performance Like Never Before

REACH has upgraded its CMS to include a new digital signage dashboard for corporate KPIs. This new feature will display essential data in clear charts and datasets.

The new dashboard’s ability to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), production deadlines, and output rates will make it an invaluable tool in factories and other places where products are made. The group will now have more time to concentrate on improving inefficient processes. Team productivity and efficiency can be maintained using sales charts and quarterly targets.

This update is part of REACH’s ongoing efforts to improve the CMS for its partners by fixing several bugs and adding new features. In addition, interfaces with external apps and software allow users to personalize their experience to their preferences.

Kiersten Gibson, VP of Sales and Marketing, plans to expand this and other apps’ functionality shortly.

“We’re constantly searching for ways to improve the user experience,” says Gibson. “For example, we regularly check our support tickets, and our recent Case Study initiative gave us a wealth of information about what our customers want.”

In a matter of seconds after making edits in the CMS, they will be visible to everyone who logs in from a browser. There, authorized users can start compiling data for their enterprise dashboard.

How is REACH Media Network?

REACH Media Network is an industry-leading digital signage software and solutions producer with headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. For over 15 years, REACH’s staff has been driven by a shared interest in both the satisfaction of our customers and the development of our technology. Every day, week, month, and year, we work hard to satisfy the demands of our clients by developing and delivering the most advanced digital signage software available.

Darren Wercinski and Marc Kline established Reach Sports Marketing Group in 2005, and our roots are in the Minnesota ice arena scene. Demand for REACH’s digital signage services has skyrocketed, allowing the company to expand swiftly into new markets, including corporate headquarters, factories, and educational institutions. Currently, we manage over 30,000 digital sign screens for a rapidly growing client base of 5,000+ all over the globe.