NHL Dallas Stars Uses REACH Digital Signage to Streamline Experiences

dallas stars digital signage

NHL Team Dallas Stars Deploys REACH Media Digital Signage to Streamline Fan Experiences

REACH hits the ice!

The Dallas Stars have partnered with REACH to further develop their hockey digital signage program. The plan is to expand the use of hockey arena stadium digital displays while simultaneously creating various content that audiences would appreciate.

A significant contributing aspect to the partnership’s formation was REACH’s experience in sports marketing, particularly in ice hockey arenas. For example, by developing user-friendly software, the Dallas Stars plan to provide fans more access to features like live scoring, fast replays, and HD streaming video. Using cloud-based infrastructure, we can guarantee that these announcements will instantly be available to followers.

Kiersten Gibson, executive vice president of sales and marketing at REACH, is enthusiastic about the potential benefits to audiences.

Gibson says, “As hockey fans, we know how important it is to have a seamless watching experience.” So we’re excited to work with Dallas to integrate our platform with theirs so that sports fans have more ways to experience the action.

Through REACH’s powerful apps, viewers will never miss a moment in sports scores, live streaming, or news headlines. In addition, fans can engage with the team in new ways thanks to the incorporation of social media.

Over the course of the following year, as The Stars adds more displays and develops its content bank, the initiative’s fruits will become increasingly obvious.


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