Most Popular Content for Digital Signage Screens at Schools 


If you’re looking to take advantage of digital signage at your school, it’s important to better understand the type of content that will be most useful for your students and staff. At REACH Media Network, we specialize in a variety of digital signage screens for schools and would be more than happy to show you a few ways that you can better communicate to your students and staff through our technology offerings.

Popular Content Ideas for Digital Signage Screens at Schools

Below are a few ideas that can help you to know what to display on your digital signage located throughout your school.

  • Social Media – Today’s younger generation is literally obsessed with social media. To help better connect with your students, you can leverage the power of social media to let students know about upcoming events, announcements and any other information that you’re looking to quickly distribute to students and/or staff.
  • Calendar of Events – There’s no better way to announce upcoming events than by using digital signage. Thanks to SaaS digital signage software from a company like REACH Media Network, you can easily manage your events from any machine that’s connected to the internet. This way you can keep your event calendar up to date and have it automatically propagated to all of your digital signage screens located throughout your school.
  • Emergency Announcements – Occasionally, you may want to quickly make an announcement to your entire student body. This can be difficult because of the large size of most schools. Thankfully you can use digital signage to display emergency announcements that need to be distributed to everyone within a school. If you have digital screens located in each classroom, you can quickly post an announcement that will be instantly distributed throughout your school.
  • Cafeteria Menus – Regularly publish cafeteria menus around your school to ensure your students and staff know what’s on the menu for the day.
  • Weather – Thanks to digital signage software, you can post weather information so everyone will know what to expect when they take a step outside.

Digital Signage Screens at Schools

If you’d like to learn more about our digital signage screens, feel free to reach out to us today by phone at 952-255-6296. We can setup a demo where we can show you our software as well as the features that are most popular at schools. Once we finish with our presentation, chances are high that you’ll want to invest in digital signage software for your educational facility.