Make the most of your digital signage over the holidays

The holiday season is upon us which means it’s time to step up your digital signage game!

Shopping is on the rise and consumers are out to spend their money on the people they care about.  No matter where potential customers may be shopping/eating/meeting, it is essential that your company beats competitors by making their experience efficient, unique and memorable.

Whether you are a business, fitness facility, or school,  digital signage is an extremely powerful medium that will help you increase your ROI all year round. But there are a few things you can do to enhance your sales using digital signage over the festive period that are easy to implement.

  • Display your holiday offers and promotions clearly –
    Everybody loves a bargain, especially around the holidays.
    Show your consumers and members how they can benefit from buying goods, a new membership offering, class packages, etc. You might have one screen, a network of screens or still looking into deploying digital signage – but keep your offers and promotions a priority on your display.
  • Get personal – Give your digital signage an interactive element and make your consumers and members feel a part of your facility. Use a call-to-action such as asking them to tweet about their experience or their favorite holiday item, follow you on facebook or sign up to your newsletter. All of these things are memorable and will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Showcase what makes you different –  The power of video and images are astonishing, and people do want to know about the background of your facility and why you are different from your competitors. Display your testimonials and past events this holiday and show your customers and members why they are making the right choice by spending
    with you.
  • Update content on a regular basis – One of the most exciting features of digital
    signage is its ability to offer real-time updates whenever you decide. You might have
    a last minute deal thanks to a seasonal trend, or you may be interested in thinking of
    different ways to entertain your customers and members. If you make the time to update your content regularly you will see a huge improvement on interest and return on

Digital signage is a great way for you to boost your sales and brand awareness throughout the whole year, but over the festive period taking advantage of all the features is especially beneficial. Consumers & members are on the rise and celebratory outings too, so why not make the most of it this year and start increasing your ROI with your digital signage!