How To Use Digital Signage for College and Universities

How To Use Digital Signage for College and Universities

Digital signage as a tool for education

Students from across the nation are more plugged into the digital space than ever before. Acting as both a social network as well as an information hub, students are naturally drawn to digital avenues as their primary source of entertainment and news. As a result, universities are looking for ways to harness these advantages in order to create a better learning environment. Digital signage software is a modern solution that can utilize the powers of the digital space in real-world settings. Through proper use and implementation, digital signage can bolster your educational experience. Looking to try digital signage out yourself? Click here to sign up!

Improve campus wayfinding

Many colleges and universities are big and sprawling compared to many people’s high school experience. Some people will be coming from new states and countries altogether! That’s why having great wayfinding tools is so important to have on campus. With digital signage, you can upload well-designed layouts through Excel and Google Sheets integrations or through native data list applications. These directories can be updated in real-time to ensure students and visitors have the most up-to-date information available. In addition, interactive touchscreens can give users the tools they need to get around by allowing them to tailor their wayfinding experience. These layouts can still be filled in with supplementary advertising material too, giving you a great degree of flexibility with your signage.

How To Use Digital Signage for College and Universities,

Expand your digital footprint

Most people attending your institution likely have social media or are familiar with it in some way. Thankfully, digital signage is a perfect avenue to display your social media timelines. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can all be integrated into your digital layouts. These provide familiar aesthetics that will naturally draw in an audience. From there, you can post photos, news, events, and trends that all keep your audience informed. This also encourages your viewers to engage with your social media platforms, as people are more likely to participate in trends if they believe they have a chance at being displayed on signage. In turn, you can then use these posts as your own content by leveraging user-generated content. This can give you an endless pool of content to pull from. All the while, your follower count will continue to grow, expanding your overall digital footprint.

How To Use Digital Signage for College and Universities,

Prioritize safety

Sometimes emergencies can happen, and when they do, you want to make sure everyone is prepared to take the proper steps. Most digital signage software has emergency alert systems that can override your regular content in order to display emergency messaging. These can be full-screen takeovers that guarantee no one misses your announcements. Screens can show instructions, safety locations, and resources that anyone can access. Establishing your campus as a safe one will result in higher attendance and a greater focus on education.

Boost engagement

Students cannot engage with campus events if they do not know what’s going on! Thankfully, digital displays capture 400% more views than static and traditional media. As a result, digital signage is a natural avenue to post calendars, schedules, and events to ensure students see them. Natural exposure will result in greater attendance and participation in campus events, as digital signage also has a higher recall rate than traditional media. You can also update calendars in real-time for last-minute additions or to inform viewers of cancellations and rescheduling.

How To Use Digital Signage for College and Universities,


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