Ditch the Paper & Go Digital!

A busy Monday morning full of meetings or members trying to start off their week with a workout at 6am-if a room is double-booked, if members or attendees are unaware of the “who, what, and when’s”, the hassles can quickly snowball into a state of confusion and throw off a day’s schedule, leaving an unsatisfied audience. No matter now clear and simple your system appears to be, there’s always a chance of human error. Making minor improvements, like adding room schedule displays to your facility, can make a big impact in keeping the flow of daily events and communication to your audience.

Whether you are looking to integrate with your existing schedule or digital signage or build your own room schedulers from scratch, a high-performing software solution is key to your communication success. Having a flexible platform, like the REACH software, will also ensure that content is easily presented on-the-fly. Choosing from multiple scheduling designs, integrating with your current schedule software, as well as adding in your current signage announcements sets this software apart from its competitors. With interactive capability, it makes the process of finding a specific meeting or class time & place very simple. No matter how big or small your facility may be, the addition of room schedulers can be very effective in reaching your audience from a deeper level.

If you don’t have existing digital signage, it may be useful to add these along with the room schedule displays. Why you ask? The answer is simple. Important meetings or events can be displayed in a large format on your signage; adding in images, animation, and even video will catch your audiences’ attention to dive in further to learn about the event or meeting, leading them to your room schedulers. This is an effective and easy way to ensure your communication is clear and loud without having to say a word-What’s even better? Your announcements and schedules are still managed from the same platform on your content management system!

From convention centers, hotels, government centers, and fitness centers, we have seen huge success and increase in audience engagement throughout our partners. We make it easy! Learn how you can benefit from our room schedulers and get a virtual tour today by contacting: kgibson@ewart.dev/reach-media; 952-944-7727 ext. 214.