Digital Signage Software For Education 

Digital-Signage-Software-For-EducationWhile the education sector may lag behind the tech sector in certain respects, students do not. Depending on the age of your students, they’re likely immersed in their mobile devices on a daily basis. They’re comfortable using cloud-based tools and so should you and your staff members. If you’re still relying on antiquated means of distributing information to your students and staff, it may be time to look into digital signage software for education from REACH Media Network. As a leader in the digital signage space for quite some time, REACH has a variety of solutions that should make getting information out to your school population easy and seamless.

Cloud Based Digital Signage Software

You may be familiar with some of the older digital signage software that wasn’t cloud based. The interfaces were often clunky and didn’t allow schools to display content in an attractive and interactive manner. Thankfully the technology has changed radically over the past few years with the introduction of cloud-based digital signage software. At REACH, we’ve developed and perfected a versatile cloud-based platform that allows our customers to login to their user portal and completely control all of their digital devices regardless of their location. This works extremely well for school systems that may have devices located across multiple locations within a school district.

Aside from ease of use, this cloud-based interface also offers a variety of administrative controls including multi-user access and role-based permissions. This way you can give users the ability to post content without allowing them to change any user permissions.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Are you regularly updating your school’s social media profiles? Do you feel as if no one is actually engaging with your social media content? If so, it may be because you’re not effectively promoting your content. Thanks to our digital media signage software, you can showcase your social media content to ensure that it’s being seen. This way your students and staff will be more interested in your content and likely will be more apt to follow your various social media profiles.

Stop Relying on the Archaic PA System for Announcements

Are you still relying on your outdated PA system for announcements? Why not utilize digital signage software to keep your students and staff informed about important events and announcements? Thanks to our user-friendly software and templates, your team can easily create content that will be engaging and informative to your entire school population. To learn more about our digital signage software for education, feel free to reach out to us today by phone at 952-255-6296.