Boost Your Facility’s Communication with Digital Signage

How do you build up morale with your facility’s members & employees? Simple: open up communication gateways through an easy-to-use digital software to display on your digital screens.

Digital software capabilities stretch much further than just displaying marketing messages. Content programs that provide weather updates, sports scores, breaking news, RSS feeds, and other public information will engage your members & employees to your screen(s) to ultimately view important internal information.

Currently use scheduling software? No problem. Integrating with your current schedule onto your signage will save you time and ultimately keep your audience informed on what’s happening inside and outside of your facility. Display one or multiple schedules at a time, static or scrolling, control the amount of information per event, etc.-the options are endless!

Embrace the world of social media through your digital display(s) to stay up-to-date with the trends of time by displaying the latest post or a feed of posts which will update automatically to your display(s) each time you update your social media accounts, avoiding duplicate work and increasing productivity. This shows that you’re willing to speak the modern language and connect with your members & employees.

Additionally, adding your own video files and YouTube links to your digital signage can provide entertainment to your facility’s audience. Deepening your relationship with your members and employees by displaying current event videos, how-to videos, sport event highlights, etc. will connect your audience to your brand, ultimately keeping them engaged with communication throughout your facility.