The Best Alternative to Visix Digital Signage

Alternative to Visix Digital Signage

Do you wish to change over to a digital signage solution that is a reliable and efficient Alternative to Visix Digital Signage? If that’s the case, you’ve found the proper place to be. REACH Media Network is privately owned and operated, and for more than 17 years, it has been developing software for digital signs hosted in the cloud.Therefore, we can provide you with an alternative to Visix based on an established and reliable digital signage software platform. This is possible because we are not required to answer to a board of investors or modify the quality of our product in any way.

If you have a special requirement, we recommend that you examine one of our six target markets, which are as follows:

Visix Digital Signage Software Alternatives

Don’t look any further; REACH is an excellent replacement for the App Space website. Because the digital signage software provided by REACH is housed in the cloud, you have access to a wide choice of design editor tools that allow you to customize the content displayed on your screens and control it. Using our all-in-one tools, you can instantly distribute high-quality messages to any location on your displays, no matter where it originates.

Easy-to-Use Digital Signage Apps

REACH’s more than 157 free, modifiable digital signage apps make it easy and fast to set up your content! From full-screen slideshows to setting up multi-zoned zones of content, REACH’s app gives you total control and flexibility over your layout and media displayed across your screens.

  • O365, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Video and Photo Streams
  • YouTube and Vimeo
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds
  • Calendar Listings
  • HTML and iFrames
  • Live Traffic Maps
  • Weather Reports and Radars
  • Microsoft PowerBi
  • Business Feeds and Stock Tickers
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Employee Birthdays and Work Anniversaries

Sync Your Metrics and Data for Content Automation

Integrating the digital signage solution provided by REACH with your already established platforms (such as metrics dashboards, spreadsheets, tables, calendars, event listings, and so on) is an easy and speedy approach to disseminating information to a more significant number of individuals. One illustration of how this kind of digital signage integration might be helpful is that it eliminates the need to update spreadsheets manually.

By connecting your data and content with REACH, we can make it simpler for your organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs), APIs, and charts to display in real time.

Third-party applications such as O365, POS data, and reports are platforms that collaborate effectively with one another.

Hardware Agnostic Digital Signage Players

You can utilize REACH if you already have a media player or wish to purchase a new one with digital signage. REACH can assist you in locating digital displays or hardware that is suitable for your requirements as well as your budget. We also sell digital signage players that are dependable and simple to set up.

If the network becomes unavailable, our software will prevent the content cached on the digital signage media player from being inaccessible. Therefore, you can handle the inability to read the display on your device if the power goes out. Even though the image quality may be improved, the REACH software will still provide you with sufficient material to work.

Multi-User Enterprise Digital Signage User Management Systems

SSO is available on digital signage networks with more than one user or location (Single Sign On). Such configurations make setting up and managing users more straightforward and efficient.

Staff members can use enterprise-grade cloud applications that are linked to the IdP using SSO. This requires only a single login on their part, making it much simpler to track which SaaS products in the cloud can be used by which individuals. REACH also requires SAML 2.0. Therefore, the platform is available to all leading identity suppliers (Security Assertion Markup Language).

Shibboleth, OKTA, and ADFS are examples of SAML2 Identity Providers that are compatible with REACH. Azure Active Directory is yet another service that’s available (AAD). After we have finished setting up SAML2-based SSO, we will provide the customer with a URL they will need to use whenever they sign in to the REACH system. Once they provide their username, users can also have the REACH system begin SSO-mediated login on their behalf. This can be done after they have given their username (often an email address). Users have the option to go either way with this. Additionally, REACH comes equipped with an interface for LDAP-SAML2.


Please sign up for a demo or ask for a free trial period of thirty days if you are still determining whether we are the ideal alternative to Visix Digital Signage. This will allow you to evaluate our digital signs for yourself and, more significantly, will assist you in determining whether or not we can fulfill your requirements.