A Smart Alternative to Appspace Digital Signage

Alternative to App Space Digital Signage

Do you want a trustworthy and effective digital signage option in place of Appspace? If so, you’ve clicked on the right page! REACH Media Network is a cloud-based signage software company, operating successfully for over 17 years as a privately held firm.

As a result, we can provide you with an alternative to Appspace Digital Signage based on a mature, robust digital signage software platform without having to answer to a board of investors or compromise on our product’s integrity.

Please review our six target markets if you have a specific requirement:

Appspace Digital Signage Software Alternative

Look no further; an alternate to Appspace is here.  REACH’s digital signage software is hosted in the cloud, giving you access to various customizable design tools for creating and managing content for your screens. Next, you can quickly transmit high-quality content from anywhere to your displays using our unified collection of tools.

REACH’s free inclusion of over 157 customizable digital signage apps makes content creation a breeze:

  • SharePoint and One Drive
  • National Weather Alerts
  • Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word
  • Custom HTML
  • Photo Streams
  • Quote of the Day
  • Traffic and Weather Reports
  • Outlook and Google Calendars
  • Corporate Metrics and PowerBi
  • Stock Feeds and News

Automate with 3rd Party Digital Signage Integrations

Integrating REACH’s digital signage solution with your existing platforms (such as metrics dashboards, spreadsheets, tables, calendars, event listings, and so on) is a simple and fast approach to increasing data dissemination. As an illustration, this type of digital signage integration eliminates the need to update a spreadsheet manually.

We can sync your data and content to streamline the real-time presentation of APIs, charts, and your organization’s KPIs.O365, POS data, and reports are all examples of connected third-party platforms.

Use Your Existing Hardware

REACH can be used whether you’re in the market for a new digital signage media player or already have one. It makes no difference to us what sort of hardware you’re using. Our software is universally applicable.

If you need help locating hardware or digital displays that meet your needs and budget, REACH is here to assist you. We also supply dependable and easy-to-install digital signage players.

If there is a network outage, our software will keep content cached on the digital signage media player from going dark.  You can stop worrying that a power outage will leave your screen unreadable. Even if the image quality could be better, the REACH program will always give you enough to work with.

Multi-User Enterprise Digital Signage Management Systems

Multi-user and location digital signage networks can use the SSO (Single Sign On) functionality. Such setups facilitate speedier user configuration and management.

The enterprise-grade cloud applications connected with the IdP are available to staff through SSO  and require only one login, making it easier to manage who has access to which cloud-based SaaS programs. REACH also requires SAML 2.0. Thus the platform is interoperable with all widely used identity providers (Security Assertion Markup Language).

REACH works with other SAML2 Identity Providers such as ADFS, OKTA, and Shibboleth. Then there’s Azure Active Directory (AAD). After setting up SAML2-based SSO, we will provide the customer with a URL to use each time they log into the REACH system. Another option is for users to have the REACH system initiate SSO-mediated login on their behalf once they have submitted their username (often an email address). This option is available to users. REACH also features an LDAP-SAML2 interface.


If you have doubts that we are the best replacement for Appspace, please sign up for a demo or request a free 30-day trial. This will provide you with hands-on experience with our digital signs and, more importantly, allow you to determine if we meet your needs.