Restaurant Menu Boards

The restaurant industry is one of the most difficult industries to succeed in. The main reason that it is so tough is because there is so much competition. With so many types of foods and atmospheres, Americans are truly spoiled because we have so many restaurant options around us. It is no longer like the old times where there were just a few restaurants in each town that monopolized the market. Now, there is sure to be a restaurant on nearly every block of a big city. So, in order to continue your successful restaurant, you have to separate yourself from the competition in some way. One great way to do this is by taking advantage of the technological advances made over the last few decades. One simple upgrade that can go a long way is investing in digital menu boards for your restaurant. Team up with REACH Media Network to bring a new look to your restaurant through our digital menu boards and software.

Why REACH Media?

When investing in a new product that you may not be familiar with, it is important to partner with a team that can be counted on. REACH Media Network has been providing digital solutions for 10 years and has provided services to over 2,500 clients. What this tells you is that they have dealt with any issue that may come about with their products, and they have been successful correcting any problems along the way. We not only provide you with a reliable product but also with a dedicated support staff whenever you need help. With our 99% uptime on our menu boards you will rarely need us, but if you ever do, we will be there, eager to assist.

Perks of a Digital Menu Board

  • Better Connect with Customers – Our digital menu boards will bring color and designs that will quickly grab the attention of your guests.
  • Customization – For a lot of restaurants, various food items are more popular at certain parts of the day. Our custom software allows you to highlight certain foods at different times of the day.
  • Paper Free – Now you can get rid of all of those aged menus that have been used around the restaurant for years. Additionally, you will be able to cut costs on printing and shipping menu board inserts.
  • Nutrition Information – More and more individuals are concerned about eating healthier. One great way to connect with those types of guests is to post nutritional facts on your menu boards.
  • Advertise – You can also advertise daily specials and deals which is sure to boost the number of guests you bring in on a daily basis.

Take the next step with your restaurant and make sure you’re staying current with the latest technology. Give REACH Media Network a call today at (952) 944-7727 ext. 208 to learn more about our restaurant menu boards.