Massachusetts General Hospital Expand its Digital Signage with REACH

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REACH Media Network Helps Massachusetts General Hospital Expand its Digital Signage

The digital signage program at Massachusetts General Hospital has been expanded because MGH collaborated with REACH. This program attempts to improve the hospital’s communication processes and supply patients and their families with more helpful resources.

Every month, Massachusetts General Hospital welcomes tens of thousands of patients, visitors, and staff members. Hence, the hospital works hard to make sure they have access to things like updated information, fun activities, and directions. These kinds of functions have become standard in hospitals using digital signage.

REACH now provides installation and digital signage configuration packages to its customers as a new service. Customers with more resources, like Massachusetts General, might benefit from using these services since they help get their content off the ground more rapidly.

Many healthcare facilities strive to achieve this goal by developing digital signage that is both engaging and informative. As REACH’s Director of Client Relations, Tristan Helleen emphasizes the significance of knowing what individuals hope to find in these districts. In addition, live TV streaming offers a welcome diversion from the stresses of daily life, complementing traditional navigation aids like digital directories and navigation apps.


With its headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, REACH Media Network is a frontrunner among digital signage software and solution providers. For over 15 years, REACH has been driven by its team’s dedication to client satisfaction and the development of cutting-edge technologies. Building lasting relationships with our customers is important to us. Therefore we work hard to ensure they always have access to the most advanced digital signage software.

Our roots may be traced back to the ice rink scene in Minnesota when in 2005, Darren Wercinski and Marc Kline founded Reach Sports Marketing Group. In response to skyrocketing demand for digital signage services, REACH has rapidly expanded into various settings, from boardrooms and classrooms to factories and campus cafes. As a result, our clientele of 5,000+ continues to grow, and we now manage over 30,000 digital signage displays globally.