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If you’re in the hospitality industry, you’re likely constantly looking for new ways to better connect with your guests. You may be looking for ways to set your hotel apart from the scores of competitors who are mere blocks away. Thankfully, many of our customers are beginning to use digital signage in the hospitality industry to better connect with guests and make them feel more at home.

How to Use Hospitality Digital Signage to Connect with Guests

There are a whole host of ways to use our digital signage hotel solutions to connect with your guests, including:

  • Digital menus – Many hotels offer a variety of different dining options. Thanks to our hospitality digital signage, you can provide digital menus that can be changed on the fly. This way you can quickly update the digital screens as needed based on food specials and other important announcements related to your restaurant.
  • Advertising – What better way to showcase some of the wonderful businesses and attractions in your local area than through digital signage? You may not realize it, but you actually have a captive audience in the form of hotel guests, and there are bound to be local establishments that will want to advertise to that audience.
  • Promote events – Hotels and resorts often will have a wide array of events that go on over the course of each day. Too often though, hotel guests aren’t made aware of these events. Why not use digital signage to display events that are going to take place on your property, so guests can be constantly reminded each time they pass one of your digital screens?
  • Maps – Your facility may seem quite easy to navigate, but it may be overwhelming to new guests. With digital signage you can provide interactive maps that can ensure each of your guests feel right at home.
  • Showcase local weather and news content – Because all our digital signage software is cloud based, you can easily show real-time weather and news content to your guests. This way your guests will be able to keep up to date with all the latest news and know whether to throw on a raincoat as they head out on their adventures around town.

Use the REACH Mobile App to Better Connect with Guests

Many of our hospitality clients are also extremely excited about our new REACH mobile app, which opens a whole host of new possibilities for the entire hospitality industry. There’s no doubt that all your guests are using their mobile phones 24/7. Why not leverage this fact by encouraging them to download a mobile app for your hotel? This can allow you to increase business and customer satisfaction by:

  • Streamline the check-in/check-out process – Allow your guests to easily check-in and out from their mobile phone, which improves convenience and provides a smoother overall experience for your guests.
  • Alert guests to events at your hotel – Use your mobile app to automatically alert guests to upcoming events to ensure they understand all the great events that your hotel has to offer.
  • Emergency alerts – You can also use the mobile app to alert guests to emergencies such as inclement weather, fire, etc.

Why Choose REACH Digital Signage Software for Hotels?

There are countless reasons why hospitality clients around the world continue to turn to REACH’s digital signage hotel solutions. A few of these reasons include:

  • Cloud-based content management system – When you partner with REACH, you can quickly and easily modify any content using our cloud-based content management system. Simply login to our easy to use interface from any web browser and have instant control over all your digital screens.
  • Large number of free & easy-to-use digital signage templates – We understand that as a hotel manager you may not be well versed in all the latest graphic design trends. Have no fear! At REACH, we’ve put together hundreds of easy-to-use templates that allow you to quickly drop in your hotel’s logo, change the colors and instantly have an attractive digital screen that will be eye-catching and informative for hotel guests.
  • Free support and upgrades – When you partner with REACH, you’ll never have to worry about purchasing additional software upgrades or paying for expensive support. We offer free technical support as well as free software updates to all our customers because we’re focused on building lasting relationships with our customers.
  • Apps and apps galore – Easily embed one of our many different apps and apps directly into your digital signs. These apps include weather, calendar integrations, sports scores, photo streams, live video, social media templates, news headlines, stock ticker, YouTube content, traffic updates and much more.

Now’s the Time to Invest in Digital Signage for Your Hotel

Jump into the 21st century starting today by investing in digital signage for your hotel. To learn more about our hospitality digital signage software, or to schedule a free demo, contact our team today. 

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