College Digital Media Solutions

Digital Signage for UniversitiesCollege campuses across the country have changed drastically over the last decade due to the rise in technological advancements. Less frequently do you see students lugging heavy books across campus. Now, students are carrying laptops and tablets to read those textbooks and for note taking. As technology advances, it is important that universities follow suit so that they can continue to find better ways to connect to their student body. If you are a college administrator looking for ways to boost the technological dynamic on campus, now is the time to partner with REACH Media Network. Our dedicated staff can help provide proven digital media options that will help boost the communication between the administration and students.

Digital Signage

One way to reach out to students in a new way is through our digital signage solution. Benefits of digital signage across your campus include:

  • Notification and Alerts – By posting digital signage in various locations across campus, you can post important notifications and alerts that the students will quickly see. Whether you are closing early for inclement weather, or there is a crime alert, our digital signage is a great tool to connect with students.
  • Schedules – A lot of times students complain because they have a difficult time finding the schedule of events on campus. From athletic events to dance recitals, our digital signage can post daily schedules for students to review at their leisure.
  • Revenue Opportunity – You may even be able to generate revenue through your digital signage by posting sponsored content and advertising from outside vendors.

Mobile App

Nearly every student this day in age has a mobile device. The majority of students have their eyes glued to their phone on the way to class and in between lectures. Why not take advantage of this by investing in the REACH mobile app. With customization abilities, your students can benefit from this digital media solution in the following ways:

  • Push Notifications – The mobile app allows you to send a notification directly to your student body’s cell phones any time a rush update needs to be sent.
  • Paper Free – Instead of spending lots of money on paper and printing, use the mobile app to promote amenities and events across campus.

It is important that your University stays up to date with technology. Team up with REACH Media Network for all of your digital media needs. Give us a call today at (952) 944-7727 ext. 208 to learn more about our services.

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