The Best Alternative to UCView Digital Signage

Alternative to UCView Digital Signage

Need an alternate digital signage solution to UCView Digital Signage that is stable and feature-rich? If so, you’ve just found the perfect alternative to UCView. After 17 years in business, REACH Media Network has perfected a digital signage platform with a wide range of powerful capabilities.

Alternatives for UCView Digital Signage Software

Corporations, medical facilities, retailers, and schools are just some customers using REACH Media Network’s cloud-based digital signage software. With REACH, you quickly create and manage anything from a basic full-screen slideshow with scrolling tickers to a complex, integrated communication dashboard.

If you’re looking for a specialized solution, please take a look at one of use-case specific applications:

  • Business and Corporate Communications
  • Local Municipality and Government Facilities
  • KPI Metric Dashboards
  • College Campus Signage
  • Conference Room Event Displays

Easy-to-Implement Digital Signage

Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular, and our web-based service simplifies the creation of engaging multimedia displays. As a bonus, REACH has access to over 157 apps and connections, making it simple to roll out brand-consistent upgrades.

  • Media Slide Shows Photos, Movies, and PowerPoints
  • Entertainment and Sports Industry News Feeds
  • Schedule changes and other event information
  • Reports on traffic conditions and live radar maps
  • Custom HTML feeds
  • PowerBi and SharePoint
  • Social Media Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Key Performance Indicator and Metric Dashboards: Powerful Management Tools

When you use REACH, you can display live APIs, charts, and key performance indicators for your firm. Consolidate your current setups (such as metrics dashboards, spreadsheets, tables, calendars, event listings, and so on). One possible use of digital signage is to do away with the need to update a spreadsheet manually. In addition, you can combine third-party apps such as Microsoft Office 365 (O365), point-of-sale (POS) data, and reports.

Hardware Choices That Pack a Punch and Can Grow With You

With REACH, you can use your existing hardware, or our team of professionals is here to lend a hand in making any digital signage or hardware selections. In addition, our supplied digital signage players are trustworthy and reliable.

In the event of a network outage, the digital signage media player’s cache will continue to operate normally because our software was designed to do so. Therefore, even during a power outage, the display will remain legible.

Enterprise-level digital signage user control

If your digital sign network has numerous users or locations, Single Sign On (SSO) is the way to go because it streamlines the process of adding and removing users.

Your employees may use REACH with just one credential to remember, thanks to SSO and the IdP. Security permissions for cloud-based SaaS apps can be strictly enforced. It is essential to have SAML 2.0 to use REACH. Network organizers are banking on many identification suppliers to join their platform (Security Assertion Markup Language).

Shibboleth, OKTA, and ADFS are only some of the SAML2 Identity Providers compatible with REACH. Compared to other services, Azure Active Directory from Microsoft stands out as a leader due to its advanced features (AAD). After SAML2-based SSO has been enabled, we will provide the customer with a permanent URL to access the REACH portal whenever they choose. If the user selects this, their credentials will be used by the REACH system to launch a mediated single sign-on session (often an email address). Each user has the option of participating. Many aspects of REACH are similar to those of LDAP-SAML2.


Whether you are considering switching from UCView Digital Signage to our platform, we encourage you to schedule a demo or request a free 30-day trial to see if it fulfills your needs. Then, try out our platform and see if it lives up to your expectations for yourself.