MESA Launches New Template and Content Across All Locations

When MESA, a buying and marketing group that operates the largest signage network of specialty electronic retailers in the US and Canada was looking to upgrade their content, they partnered with REACH Media Network.

This partnership began in March 2017, and has evolved over the years; in 2019, MESA and REACH’s Creative Team worked together to create a new and exciting look and feel for MESA’s growing signage network. Some of the key improvements to MESA’s signage network included:

  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Completely redesigned digital signage template
  • Customized social media widgets from MESA members
  • Full screen take-overs to showcase new products

MESA has been extremely pleased with the launch of this new content and has since propagated it across all of their locations. Initial numbers after the first month show viewing audience engagement and recall increasing by an astonishing 28%, which shows just how powerful engaging digital signage content can be for any organization.

MESA Launches New Template and Content Across All Locations


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