Lake-Sumter State College Empowers Learning Through Digital Signage

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Lake-Sumter State College Finds Modern Solutions in Digital Signage

Student engagement sees a boost with digital signage software


Lake-Sumter State College operates multiple facilities out of the central Florida area serving nearly 5,000 students. Being stretched across a variety of locations with a strong student body requires a strong communication network. However, their previous digital signage solution was unintuitive, as each screen had its own unique controls and needed to be managed separately. In order to increase engagement around its 3 campuses, LSSC needed a more modern solution that would allow them to control their communication efforts in a more centralized manner. Looking to try digital signage out yourself? Click here to sign up today!

The Challenge

LSSC was ready to expand its digital signage initiative but needed a new solution to help manage its screens better. However, software wasn’t the only thing they were looking for. LSSC needed reliable hardware that comes equipped with all the features it needed to achieve its communication objectives. With these two systems in place, LSSC would be able to push out calendar events, social media posts, and local news all around campus. As a result, students, staff, and visitors alike will have a better understanding of what’s happening across each facility. With all of this in mind, LSSC began looking for a new digital signage provider as well as good hardware to pair it with. After a bit of searching around, LSSC eventually landed on REACH as its software provider and BrightSign players for its hardware.

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The Solution

Since implementing REACH and BrightSign players into their digital signage strategy, LSSC has been able to achieve all its communication goals. REACH’s robust software allows the university to live stream events, leverage its social platforms, and provide entertainment options to each of its locations. Not only that, but the power of BrightSign players allows them to do some more unconventional signage, such as outdoor signage. This means LSSC can reach its viewer base in multiple high-traffic areas around campus. In addition, LSSC is able to manage its screens from one location, allowing them to update signage in real-time without having to be physically present. Students can even go on to reserve study rooms, empowering group learning and projets! This streamlined management system has also allowed LSSC to implement consistent branding across all its signage. As a result, visitors are met with informative signage that maintains the spirit of school wherever they go.

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The Results

The digital signage initiative at Lake-Sumter State College has been a major success. LSSC has expanded to 14 signs across its 3 locations, 2 of which include outdoor signage. It has noticed an increase in students attracted to their signage and engaging in activities around campus. This has aided their transition back to normal campus activities following the COVID-19 pandemic. LSSC realized they could still reach remote students through digital signage as it was not as though these students never came to campus, they just interacted in different ways. Digital signage has been a good way to bridge that gap.


“The ease of the dashboard and personal support are driving factors. Very helpful and communicative”

Kevin Yurasek, Executive Director of Strategic Communications at Lake-Sumter College


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