Kick Off the New Year with 2023 Digital Signage Trends

2023 Digital Signage Trends

Looking toward the future

As the New Year fast approaches, you may be wondering where you should go with your signage in 2023. Truthfully, it’s impossible to determine exactly where the market will go and what will work. However, looking at data collected over the year, we can make educated estimates of what you can expect in the digital realm going into the new year. Haven’t started your digital signage journey yet and looking to get started? Click here to kick your year off right.

Data-driven content will be king

Digital signage content-management systems will continue developing to the point where meta tags and rule-based triggers will become more normalized. This will provide users with tons of data and variables to consider when building out content. However, users must understand how to use the data given to them. With this in mind, hiring a data analyst can supply a wealth of insights and opportunities to help you use your signage effectively. From this information, you will then be able to tailor your content to fit your audience’s needs. Essentially, digital content will become more data-driven as time goes on, and we will see further innovations in the space next year.

Social media becomes a driving force

Social media remains a key source of information and entertainment, and online shopping through these channels is on the rise as well. In fact, digital shopping through social media reached about $992 billion worldwide. By 2026, that number is expected to grow to $3 trillion. With how prevalent social media has become in our lives, it’s a no-brainer to integrate it with your signage. Promoting social media timelines on your displays can introduce social content to audience members that otherwise would not see it. This can then increase your conversion rate as well as your follower count. This also makes content creation even easier, as you can leverage social posts and user-generated content for your displays.

social media digital displays

Interactivity evolves

Every year we see new examples of how interactive digital signage is bolstering customer experiences. Restaurants are cutting down on wait times by allowing visitors to input their orders on digital kiosks. Not only that, but many are replacing physical menu posters with digital menu boards that can be updated at a moment’s notice. Hospitals and universities are using interactive displays to improve wayfinding capabilities around large campuses. Even retail chains implement QR codes on their displays to reward patrons with coupons and deals. There is plenty of evolving technology surrounding the interactive space, and finding a way to implement it in your strategy could help you get ahead of the game. 


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