Digital Signage Software with a Beautiful and Easy to Use Design

Digital Signage Software with a Beautiful and Easy to Use Design

At REACH Media Network, we’re obviously in the digital signage business, but we really cringe when we see other digital signage companies that look more like a bad PowerPoint presentation than an interactive digital display. This is a key part of the reason why we focus so much on packing our software with as many interactive elements as possible. In addition, we also offer unlimited support and design assistance to ensure you’re able to create compelling content even if you’re not a design expert. Read on to learn how you can get the most out of REACH digital signage software with a beautiful and easy to use design.

Easy to Use and Feature Packed Digital Signage Software

Below are just a few of the key features our partners have grown to appreciate while working with our digital signage software:

  • Template Design Services – When it comes to digital signage design, many of our competitors assume their clients have a keen eye for design. At REACH, we understand that you likely have good intentions, but you may not be well versed in what it takes to create compelling and engaging digital signage. That’s where we come in. We offer template design services that are included in the cost of our digital signage software. This allows you to work with our design team to ensure your digital signage meets any branding requirements.
  • Free & Unlimited Number of Zones and Layouts Included – When you use our digital signage software you’ll instantly have access to hundreds of templates that feature an unlimited number of zones and layouts to ensure you’re able to design content that is attractive and effective. Each zone can be edited independently allowing you to add interactive elements to different zones on the same template. This way you can have multiple dynamically updating elements on the same digital sign.
  • Cloud Based Digital Signage Software – Regardless of if you have one digital sign, or 1000, you can easily edit the content for each from one central dashboard. This dashboard is powered by our cloud based digital signage software that’s accessible anywhere that you have an active internet connection.
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