Why Your Educational Institution Needs Digital Signage Now


This generation has been raised on technology and animated images. Walk around any high school, college, or university campus and you will most likely find not find a student walking around without a cell phone, iPad, iPod, etc. That is why REACH’s digital signage solution is the natural fit for communicating with today’s generation of students. Students are more likely to pay attention to an eye-catching screen with colorful, moving graphics than a boring bulletin board. With our software solution, our digital signage can be used in education, from primary schools through to higher education establishments to help you facilitate your message easily and efficiently with maximum impact.  Here are 5 ways a digital signage solution can benefit your school or University.


Unfortunately, safety emergencies, threats, and weather alerts occur on school campuses across the United States almost every day. Vital information about these events needs to be available to students immediately, and it can be easily done through REACH’s University digital signage. More importantly-information where to take cover or exit during the emergency can be specified for different locations around your school or campus. For example, your digital signage solution can be set up to have pre-customized emergency procedure messages per location and send out instantly.

emergency alert signage


An obvious use of digital signage is to inform students, faculty, and staff. Deployed in public areas such as building entrances, cafeterias, student lounges, libraries, and facility lobbies, our software can provide a critical link between campus administrators and the student body and facility. For day-to-day use, information can be segmented and published to the areas across your school or campus where it is most applicable. Basic announcements, such as games and sports events, can be published by the field or gym, while announcements and photos of the school play can be displayed by the auditorium.  Our digital signage can be used to effectively coordinate content and delivery of important information to the right place and audience at the right time enhancing a school-wide connection.


Navigating around a large school or university can be quite a challenge for guests and students. Our solutions can make the life of students and guests a lot easier by using our interactive kiosks at the entrance of your buildings. These can be used to welcome guests and new students, provide way-finding around campus and within the building, allow them to search directories, and provide a calendar of events.


Using REACH’s dynamic signage software, our digital signage can generate revenue through a variety of tools offered to create advertisements and the ability to target specific audiences. For example, Digital displays by the campus bookstore can advertise sales to draw students in. Cafeterias can draw students in with ads for delicious food or the day’s “specials” on digital displays. At the gym or box office ticket packages and upcoming events can be advertised as well. The opportunities for revenue generation through digital signage can also extend off campus as well. You can generate revenue from local retailers and eateries wanting to advertise to hundreds or thousands of students and staff. The opportunities to increase revenue through our digital signage at your school or campus are endless.


Every day, more and more schools and universities are using our software solution to inform, educate, and alert their campuses, but this is more than just a trend. It’s becoming a tried and true method for communicating with hundreds or even thousands of students, faculty, and staff across k-12, college, and university campuses. Looking to try digital signage out yourself? Click here to get started.