Hotel Digital Signage-

Hotel Digital Signage

The hotel industry is a very competitive market because there are so many reputable companies that tend to build very close to each other. Customers often become loyal to one particular hotel chain, making it difficult to convince them to try something new. If you are managing a hotel and are looking for unique ways to distinguish yourself from the competition, REACH Media Network may be able to help. Take advantage of the new technology and software that is available this day in age and connect with your customers in a more direct manner. By boosting your communication skills through our digital signage software, your customers will be more in tune with what you have to offer.

How Hotel Digital Signage Can Help

  • Navigation – Looking for the pool, gym, or snack area? No longer will your guests have to find a staff member for assistance. Utilize our digital signage to guide guests through the hotel with our touch screen software.
  • Single Tool, Total Control – The REACH software allows you to have total control of all of the digital signs throughout your hotel. Stream the same message on each screen, or individualize the messages depending on what area the screen is located.
  • Menus – Market your on site restaurant so that customers can see the types of food, drinks, and specials that you have to offer for the night.
  • Communication – Post helpful information such as the weather or flight delays so that your customers have this information right at their fingertips.
  • Entertain – Use our digital software to display new stories and other internet content.
  • Events – Keep guests in tune on what is going on around the hotel campus whether it be a wine tasting, yoga sessions, or events for the kids through our digital signage solutions.
  • Paper Free – Cut costs on paper and printing while getting rid of the outdated paper signs that have no flare!

The REACH Benefit

By partnering with REACH, you will receive a customer service staff dedicated to keeping you satisfied with our product each and every day. Additionally, we strive to offer customization of our product to fit your needs as much as possible. Our past experience serving over 2,500 clients helps us ensure that we can handle any situation that arises.

Take the next step in communicating with your guests, and jump ahead of your competition by investing in hotel digital signage. Give REACH Media Network a call today at (952) 944-7727 extension 208 to learn more about our services.

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