Boost Engagement With Digital Signage for Summer Camps


The sun is out, the trees are in bloom, and the sounds of children at play could only mean one thing…the spring and summer seasons are here! As the weather improves around the country, many parks and local governments will prepare seasonal clubs and activities for kids. To boost engagement, strategic promotion of these activities is required to excite parents and children alike! With digital signage for summer camps, you will be afforded a greater degree of flexibility that allows you to pinpoint communication objectives and schedule content in advance.

Digital signage for summer camp activities can do wonders for boosting involvement in all your summer clubs! The excellent weather permits many different kinds of activities to go on at once. A lot happens in the short 3-5 month timeframe, so ensuring all your camps receive good attendance is paramount to serving the community. However, with so much going on, it can be difficult to know where to start. This guide will break down the process of integrating summer camp digital signage into your marketing strategy.


Promoting seasonal activities, especially youth-centered ones, can be a tricky process. As dependents to their guardians, you must advertise in a way that makes them want to get involved. Additionally, you must communicate to the adults in their lives that your club is a good fit for their child. This is a lot to accomplish in the short timeframe people will be glancing at your screens. A healthy balance between text, graphics, headlines, and video elements can all be incorporated to draw attention to your displays.

However, strategy doesn’t just revolve around what you want to show on your screens. The “where” and “when” matter just as much! Placing your announcements on displays found in high-traffic areas that your audience frequents is sure to bring in new sign-ups. Keeping in mind the different areas of your facility will also help you tailor content. For instance, if your facility has a daycare, parents, and kids in that section are probably not looking for teen canoeing clubs. This is also important for scheduling when certain promotions will play. Retired or older visitors will likely visit during work and school hours, so promoting youth soccer clubs wouldn’t make much sense here. These are just a few of the ways that factors besides content can determine the success of your summer camp digital signage.

Once you have assets built, it’s time to start designing the layout of your display. Depending on the kind of content you’ll be implementing, the size and positioning of each asset will be important. For instance, announcements centered around your club, video promotions, and graphics with text will likely take up the bulk of your content. Hence, that should also be afforded the most space. Following that up by placing a scrolling calendar that lists important dates such as registration deadlines will give viewers a holistic idea of what actions need to be taken to get involved. Introducing dynamic elements such as videos or scrolling tickers can also freshen up content and draw fresh eyes. The key here is to not overwhelm your audience. The strength of digital signage lies in its ability to convey a lot of information in a concise manner.


A segment of the digital signage industry that is seeing increased growth is outdoor digital signage. You may have been thinking to yourself: “Well this is all well and good, but I can’t actually reach participants once they’re out and about.” With the right setup, you actually can!

Digital signage for outdoor events can expand your digital footprint and reach potential participants. Nature centers, hiking trails, and other outdoor public spaces can incorporate digital signs in order to further advertise events and clubs in the area. However, aside from promotional incentives, outdoor signage can provide useful resources to tenants and campers as well!

For example, outdoor signage kiosks can be used for informational resources such as wayfinding. This can help parents know where to go for pick up/drop off, or even help lost campers find their way. Other information such as cancellations, field trips, and deadlines can be posted outside to serve as a final reminder as well.

When you implement outdoor digital signage, you also expand your potential to disperse important safety messaging as well. Severe weather alerts and evacuation instructions are among other critical details that can be shared through digital signage. For outdoor clubs that may not have immediate access to phones, this can be crucial to keeping campers safe.


With digital signage, you can indirectly ask your audience…why wait?! Digital signage can provide your audience with tools that encourage them to take immediate action. For example, implementing a counter integration can help count down to the number of days till camp, spots open, or a registration deadline. This not only gives viewers important information but also creates an urgency to sign up soon. You can then provide an avenue for signing up by including QR codes that link to your registration page.

Conversions can also be encouraged in other ways too! Incorporating social challenges can bring the community together and get them engaged. “Camper’s of the Week” encourages parents to send pictures and stories of all the fun kids have at each activity, which can then be shared with the rest of the community. This can create other conversions in the future.

Encouraging people to follow your social media pages for more immediate updates, digital coupons, and other incentives can help grow your platform too. These challenges can even be integrated with the conversion. Some examples include following a page to receive immediate discounts upon registration or signing up for a gym membership for access to a free club. These are ways digital signage for youth events can provide utility traditional media cannot.


It’s never too late to start your digital signage journey! REACH acts as both a software and hardware provider, so we can set you up with everything you need to get started. Our software is also “hardware agnostic,” meaning our software can play on most digital media players! If you even have a Fire TV Stick or some other player, you can start creating beautiful digital displays.

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