A Fully Scalable Alternative to ConnectedSign Digital Signage

Alternative to ConnectedSign Digital Signage

The quest for a solid, feature-rich replacement for ConnectedSign Digital Signage is over. You’ve stumbled upon a fantastic alternative to ConnectedSign. After 17 years, REACH Media Network has seen over 15,000 screens managed using our cloud-based Digital Signage Software. With REACH, you will gain all the tools you need to design your content, set up playlists quickly, and remotely update and monitor your screens.

If you’re seeking a specific application, please take a look at one of the five customer favorites below:

REACH Media Network’s cloud-based digital signage software is used by various organizations and institutions, including corporations, medical clinics, restaurants, retail stores, and schools. You may create and update anything from a basic full-screen slideshow with scrolling tickers to a sophisticated, unified dashboard with REACH.


Digital Signage Software That Can Be Fully Adapted To Your Needs

Our web-based solution makes it simple to produce engaging multimedia displays, a vital component of the rapidly expanding field of digital signage. With REACH’s library of over 157 apps and integrations, making adjustments that align with your brand’s aesthetic is a breeze.

  • Information on the stock market and related updates
  • Motivational Sayings from the Past Few Days
  • Updated radar and traffic conditions in real-time
  • Slideshows, Videos, and Image-Based Media Streams
  • Individualized HyperText Markup Language and Web Pages
  • SharePoint and Power BI
  • Incorporate your Google or Office 365 schedule
  • The ability to add custom ticker feeds and scrolling RSS
  • Instantaneous updates on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


Indicators and Dashboards for Measuring Performance

REACH is a real-time data visualization tool that may be used to display APIs, graphs, and KPIs (KPIs). Then, employ minimal supplementary systems. As an illustration, a digital sign can be used in place of printed signage to save time and effort over manually updating a spreadsheet. Furthermore, information from several sources, including POS systems, reports, and even third-party programs like Microsoft Office 365, may be consolidated in a single location.


Use Your Existing Hardware

We make it easy to choose the proper digital signage and hardware with the help of our experts or with your existing hardware. Additionally, we sell only the highest-quality digital signage players in stock. Our software is developed to continue playing digital signage content in the event of a network outage.


Enterprise-wide Digital Signage Management with a Single Sign-On

When using SSO and an IdP, your staff must log in to REACH once. When it comes to security, cloud-based SaaS systems can be stringent. REACH requires the adoption of SAML 2.0. The SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) network’s creators are banking on numerous ID card manufacturers to sign up (Security Assertion Markup Language).

REACH is compatible with SAML2 Identity Providers, including Shibboleth, OKTA, and ADFS. Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory stands out in the market because it offers more features than its rivals. Once SAML2-based SSO is implemented, we’ll provide the customer with a permanent link to the REACH portal. The REACH system will use the user’s credentials (often an email address) for mediated single sign-on. There is no obligation for anyone to take part. The REACH framework and LDAP-SAML2 share many similarities.



To learn more about transferring from Connected to our platform, schedule a demo or ask for a free 30-day trial. Please evaluate our service and let us know if we can assist.