Digital Signage for Government Buildings

Across the country, government buildings tend to have one thing in common, they are big! Nothing is more frustrating than entering into an unfamiliar building and not knowing how to get around. If your government facility needs a way to better connect with the community, you are in luck! Partner with REACH Media Network and let our company provide you with digital signage that can keep the individuals of your community engaged and in tune with your government building. By investing in digital signage, you can easily interact with customers or citizens in a more direct manner. Take the next step in communicating today by choosing our digital signage software for your government building.

Benefits of Government Building Digital Signage:

  • Directions – Finding your way around a large building can often become frustrating. The use of digital signage can better direct customers and visitors around your building by displaying easy-to-use building maps.
  • Improve Communication – By posting schedules and events, your visitors will have less questions and will be more in tune with what is going on around them.
  • Management – Our content and visual management allows you to take total control of our software. Customize what is posted or use our standard default options to interact with your community.
  • Alerts and News – Posting news, weather and current events through our digital signage helps keep your customers entertained during any wait times.
  • Multiple Functionality – Our digital signage is not limited to just one screen. Our software allows the same message to be displayed on multiple displays.
  • Mobile and Tablet Integration – Our software also supports the use of mobile and tablet devices. A great tool for managing things like long lines, it is sure to boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

Take control of your government building by investing in digital signage through REACH Media Network. Communication is key when it comes to the satisfaction of your local community and digital signage is a great way to keep them in tune with the things going on around the facility. Call us today at (952) 944-7727 or visit our website to learn more.