Digital Signage for Corporate Communications to Improve Productivity

Digital Signage for Corporate Communications
to Improve Productivity


In today's business world, you need the ability to communicate directly with your audiences and office in real-time; a newly popular method to improve your visual communications strategy is corporate communications digital signage.

Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

Digital signage for corporate communications is beneficial because it is scale-able and can allow your company, no matter the size, to communicate instantly with your particular audience.

There are all sorts of ways that internal communications digital signage can help to reduce bottlenecks and improve communication within your organization, including:

1. Countdown Functionality

Everyone loves to track a countdown. Whether it's showing "days since the last accident" or the countdown to a big event, REACH offers a counter widget that can be used to draw attention to a particular milestone or event.

2. Live Traffic & Weather Map

Share live traffic and weather maps to educate your employees better.

3. Company Announcements

Post content related to companywide milestones or recognize employees going above and beyond in their duties. This will encourage workers to do their best and hopefully improve your organization's culture.

4. Emergency Alerts

Quickly post content that can instantly be displayed on all your corporate digital signage displays, regardless of location. You can even integrate your emergency alert systems to ensure everyone within your organization knows when an emergency arises.

5. Showcase Social Media Content

Connect your social media content with your corporate digital signage so that it's always front and center whenever one of your employees comes in contact with one of your devices.

6. Employee Recognition – Boosting Morale

One of the easiest ways to boost morale around the office and improve productivity is to recognize the achievements using employee communications digital signage. Whether it's a work anniversary, birthday, or highlighting a specific achievement, propping up your staff demonstrates appreciation for all their hard work. As a result, other employees are also encouraged to work hard. Additionally, it shows that a company is paying attention to the efforts and needs of its staff, allowing employees to feel connected to their organization.

7. Have Fun

Posting staff vacation stories, employee cookouts, and other team-building activities go a long way toward building a positive workplace culture. In addition, user reviews or positive feedback posted on company timelines can uplift your staff by showing the impact of their work. Finally, integrating social media expands your digital footprint and makes your team feel more connected.

8. Calendars/Schedules – Looking Ahead

You likely host dozens of meetings, conferences, and other events every week, despite the many deadlines you have to meet. This can result in a hectic working environment. Therefore, integrating calendars and schedules into your layouts will help your staff stay updated on important dates and events. This can help prioritize certain projects or encourage people to work ahead on deadlines. The result is an improvement in planning and performance across the board.

9. Safety & Training – Staying Sharp

Corporate communication screens are a great way to quickly post safety guidelines and reminders. Employees can also use these to hold each other accountable, creating a workplace that values safety and cooperation. In addition, displaying safety information demonstrates genuine concern and interest in the well-being of your staff, which strengthens their attachment to your company and motivates them to continue working efficiently.

10. Values & History – Celebrating your Legacy

Sometimes, people need a reminder of what they are working for. Including designs reiterating your core values motivates staff to live up to the standards set by the company. Doing so can give employees a sense of focus and clarity, as they can refer to these values if they need guidance. In addition, these tactics can improve unity amongst your company as it contributes to a shared sense of working together. Similar results can be achieved by presenting customer reviews or client feedback on your displays. Positive studies show your employees that their work matters and encourage continued excellence.

Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

5 Benefits of Enterprise Corporate
Digital Signage Solutions


Organizations of all sizes are beginning to leverage the many benefits of corporate digital signage solutions to help better connect with employees and clients. However, regardless of the size of your organization, there are a whole host of ways your organization can benefit from corporate digital signage.

Below are just a few of the many benefits your organization can take advantage of by adding digital signage:

1. Showcase employee achievements

One key aspect of building up your company's culture is making your employees feel appreciated. Highlight employee achievements so that everyone within your company can see what can happen when an employee goes above and beyond in their job role. This can help an employee feel valued and encourage other employees to put in the extra effort because they know they'll eventually be recognized.

2. Integrate essential KPI information

Another way to motivate employees is by constantly displaying your KPIs to ensure everyone keeps "their eye on the prize." By keeping your company's key performance indicators front and center, you'll be surprised at how much more effective your team will be when it comes to reaching those goals.

3. Add on Desktop Screensaver

Not only can our software be used to power corporate digital signs throughout your facility, but you can also utilize our add-on desktop screensaver to give your employees an interactive view that is interactive and can be updated in real-time via our cloud-based interface.

4. Deliver company announcements

If you're like most companies, you may email to announce a significant company initiative only to find out later that most of your employees never read the email. This is due to inbox overload, as the average employee receives massive numbers of emails each day. Post these key announcements so that whenever an employee walks by a particular area, they'll look up and be reminded of any critical information you're trying to convey.

5. Post-company events

Connect your social media content with your corporate digital signage so that it's always front and center whenever one of your employees comes in contact with one of your devices.

How to use corporate communications digital signage software

When using digital signage software for corporate communications, you can customize the system to meet your current needs, from daily information for employees to special announcements to in-house training. In addition, you can instantly provide information to your audience with the content you provide and manage.

Communicating effectively between departments cannot be accessible as a company grows, especially when dealing with multiple locations or facilities. One way to combat this communication breakdown is through corporate communications, digital signage, and hardware.


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