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When it comes to running your meeting rooms, schedule display software from REACH can help eliminate the hassle of day-to-day scheduling by providing easy-to-customize room schedule displays. You can either integrate with your existing schedule or enter information manually within our content management system. Each device can be customized to meet your unique brand standards – allowing the meeting room digital signage to more efficiently utilize your office’s meeting room space.

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Visible Room Status
Seamless Scalability
Display Rotating Announcements
Room-by-Room Control
Schedule Integration Capabilities
Interactive Options Available
Centralized Management
Customized Design per Display
Unlimited Training and Support

Benefits of Having Conference Room Digital Signage

One of the biggest assets that sets REACH apart from the competition is our schedule display software and integration capabilities. Whether you are looking to pull in existing data from your current scheduling software such as Google Calendar, Outlook, EMS, or looking to start from scratch on our CMS scheduling tool, room schedule displays have become a popular method for facilities to control organization for internal appointments, meetings, classes, events, and more.

Expanding beyond traditional digital signage, we have put together the top 5 benefits of using our schedule display software:

  • Increased Efficiency: When effective schedule integrations/software are implemented, it makes an entire facility run more smoothly and efficiently. Our digital signage room schedule displays allow your audience to quickly find available rooms, utilize automatic workflow, and find more information on events/classes going on during a specific day, week, etc.
  • Increased Productivity: Reduce “no shows,” double-booking, and overall wasted time. Avoid duplicate work by integrating with your current scheduling software and allowing your audience to access all meeting, class, and event information in one place with the ability to see immediate changes in real-time.
  • Customization: Our schedule display software allows you to customize your brand and content displayed. Not only will you be able to display your schedules, but you can also display your screen announcements within your room schedule displays. Why not use it as a marketing tool as well?
  • Accessibility: Allow your users to view different schedules, meeting information, and time instantly on each room schedule display tablet.
  • Support: Easily reserve room space, equipment, etc. through the meeting room digital signage software. Relieve the stress of a resource not being available at the time of the meeting or event.


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