Drive Digital Signage Engagement with Social Media

You may not think there are a lot of similarities between digital signage and social media, but think again-both digital signage and social media provide dynamic,  on-the-fly information that can be seen on a variety of devices including screens, tablets, and mobile phones. More and more, facilities are adding social media announcements, widgets, etc. through their content management system because it offers customer engagement, dynamic content and a new communication channel unlike any other, without having to do duplicate work.

When combining social media with digital signage there are some important points to keep in mind:

Consider your audience

While people of all ages use social media, some demographics are definitely stronger on certain social media sites than on others. For example, Facebook is trending toward more mature users, while Twitter is largely dominated by Generation X, and Instagram is popular among adults in their 30s and younger. These aren’t set-in-stone rules, but facilities need to consider their audience and what social media platforms will work best. Going a step further it is also important to consider which social media platforms you integrate with your digital signage. For example, if you’re in a highly visual business such as retail or restaurants, Instagram would be the best choice as it provides strong visual presence.


Social media is a two-way conversation. By engaging with your audience,, you reward them for being brand advocates-when a member or customer shares a positive message about your facility or business on social media, respond with thanks, perhaps re-share the content or otherwise make positive contact with that member or customer. These types of positive social media conversations showing up on your digital signage entertain  and keep your signage current and dynamic.

Create Hashtags

Let’s face it-Hashtags are a part of our everyday language now! They can be a great way to connect with your audience, while also building your brand for your digital signage. Ideally, you should create a hashtag specific to your brand that’s unique, brand-relevant, yet easy to spell and relatively concise. In addition, you may want to occasionally create hashtags around new products, information, or even events.

And more..

With the explosion in the popularity of social media, it was only a matter of time before facilities and businesses started combining social media content with their digital signage-why not start now? Whether you share positive tweets from Twitter to improve morale, or  share customer comments or pictures, you immediately increase the excitement factor both on your digital signage and your social media presence. Together these two technologies can do more than either of them could do individually.

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