Boost motivation & productivity in the workplace with Digital Signage

Keeping your employees connected is just as important as boosting customer experiences. In addition to offering a variety of internal communications, in-house workplace digital signage can help to build staff morale, maximize productivity and enhance employee motivation.

If cost is one of your main barriers to moving forward with workplace digital signage in a corporate environment, digital signage can actually reap multiple benefits in the workplace. The McKinsey Global Institute reveals that engaged employees improve productivity by 20-25 percent in organizations, and the potential for revenue is around $1.3 trillion per year!

How do you know what type of content to display? Here are a few options for workplace digital signage:

  • Implement department-specific screens around the office; display tasks lists and project updates to project/account managers and deploy incentivized sales targets to screens that are visible to your sales and marketing departments
  • Deploy inspirational quotes or daily achievements in real-time to encourage motivation in the workplace
  • Advertise social events and internal activities
  • Integrate a live weather or news feed
  • Integrate schedules
  • Corporate information
  • Staff education
  • Business wins and new product information
  • And much, much more!

Managing the content on your internal screens doesn’t have to be difficult either— it’s enjoyable and can be less time-consuming than you may think.

Create a signage content program and allow others to contribute their ideas. Following approval, provide a department(s) with the responsibility of creating and managing the content. And, to ensure that your screens are regularly updated, why not assign a couple of hours per week (or month) to create new content and add it to a weekly schedule?

Investing in digital signage platform(s) for internal communications is a worthy investment, especially for organizations with multiple offices. Corporate environments continue to see a huge increase in employee engagement and satisfaction. Our CMS allows anyone in your business to create content, but still giving marketing the ability to lock down brand standards.

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