Workplace Digital Solutions

Workplace Digital SolutionsAre you trying to think of unique ways to better connect with your employees? At REACH Media Network, we’re excited to discuss how you can use digital signage in the workplace to better connect with your personnel.

How Digital Signage Can Improve Workplace Communications

Below are a few ways that your organization can leverage the power of digital signage to improve communication with your employees.

  • Connect Your Distributed Workforce – Do you have a team of employees located across multiple locations? Thanks to our digital signage software you can ensure consistent content is distributed across multiple devices.
  • Display Key Productivity Numbers – Did your employees knock it out of the park this quarter? If so, why not display these metrics so that everyone can see how well your company is doing. Showcasing these key wins can be a great way to encourage employees to go the extra mile when it comes to growing your business.
  • Display Company Announcements – Does your company have an internal website that’s rarely used by employees? Why not move some of this important information to a digital signage device so your employees can constantly be reminded of key company announcements and events.
  • Showcase Social Media Feeds – Thanks to pre-made templates from REACH you can easily display your social media accounts and have them dynamically update as content is published.
  • Recognize Key Employees – Employee recognition is a key way to build up company culture. Are you doing enough to recognize your employees when they do something that benefits the overall organization? If not, you may want to look at leveraging the power of digital signage to showcase key employees so they can be recognized and feel appreciated.

Multiple Pre-Made Widgets to Make Creating Compelling Digital Signage a Breeze

You may think that you need a graphic design degree to create content for a digital sign device. This is completely untrue. Thanks to our software, you can create your digital signage by simply starting with one of our pre-made templates. Next, you’ll simply add in your content and branding elements and preview how everything will be displayed on your device. If you can use a simple word processing application, you’ll be able to quickly grasp how to use our digital signage software.

Ready to Use Digital Signage in Your Company?

As you can see, digital signage can be used in a wide variety of different ways to improve communications within your organization. To learn more about developing a digital signage strategy for your company, feel free to reach out to our company today. We can be reached by phone at 952-255-6296 or via email at

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