Why Digital Signage in Healthcare?

There are multiple reasons why you should consider digital signage for your healthcare facility-for example, patient wait time is a perfect opportunity to incorporate REACH’s digital signage. Our software allows you to send targeted messages from a central point, be it a reception desk or a communications department, and update all of your content in real-time through our web-based content management system.

Many clinics and hospitals already benefit from digital signage as it is a versatile and cost effective tool to allow your messages not only to display at one location, but multiple locations across your network. Send out key health advice, season warnings, staff messages, etc. through our easy-to-use platform. To ensure to not only get your messages across, but to entertain your patients, our software allows for video, social media feeds, etc.

On a daily basis, health care facilities see traffic from hundreds or sometimes even thousands of people. To keep communication running smoothly, efficiency is key. Here are 5 important reasons why your facility should consider our digital signage for your health care building:

1. Employee Communication

Instantly provide your employees with important information. Being one of the most dynamic workplaces, it’s challenging to keep staff updated on internal news. Sometimes there is just no time for medical personnel to read emails or even engage in a conversation with co-workers. Our signage is an ideal way to inform staff members about meetings, events, construction, and even room schedules, to keep everyone in the loop.

2. Provide Direction

A hospital can be a real maze if you aren’t familiar with the building. It doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the most important uses for digital signs in health care is in helping people find their way. Directional signage screens can help patients and visitors find where they need to go quickly and easily, making hospital visits and stays less stressful.

3. Emergency Alerts

Sometimes the sound of an alarm bell doesn’t get to everyone — especially in hospitals, where some staff members are harder to reach; additionally, it might cause panic in a building that holds thousands of people by setting off a blaring alarm. Highly visible signage alerts with simple instructions make sure everyone heads to the nearest exit without causing chaos.

4. Compliance rules

While occasional compliance training is proven to be helpful, medical staff might not always remember what was said months or even years ago. Employees can be kept on their toes by repetitively communicating compliance rules and regulations with the help of strategically placed screens throughout the facility.

5. Waiting Rooms

Let’s face it, waiting rooms aren’t too enjoyable; especially those that don’t allow the use of mobile phones. Our signage can be set up to provide patients with interesting content, such as social media feeds, video, news feeds or general health care tips.

Want to learn more on how our signage can be of service to your health care facility? Contact us today at 952-944-7727 ext. 214 or info@reachmedianetwork.com