Digital Signage Systems for Government Buildings

Have you ever walked into a building and had no idea where you were going? There are plenty of people walking around but they all look so busy and rushing to get to where they’re going. If you’ve ever walked into a government building, 9 chances out of 10, this has been you at some point! It’s so frustrating when you have an appointment at a governmental building and can’t find the office! Reading outdated signs and going up and down the wrong elevator can leave you mad and angry, and most of all, late! If you own or work in a government building, it’s time to innovate the way you provide information! At REACH Media Network, we have the perfect solution for you! Digital Signage Systems for Government Buildings is the only practical way to house governmental offices these days!

What is Digital Signage?

Our Government Digital Signage Solution is an interactive solution that is effective, easy to use, and can display an abundant amount of information in real time. Our content management system can mold your digital signage to meet your specific marketing and informational needs. We can deploy messages to just one screen or all of the screens in the building! We give our partners complete control and maximum flexibility to communicate to your visitors instantaneously.

Digital Signage Specific to Governmental Buildings

Digital signage can be well utilized within any government building. From a courthouse to the DMV, there is always a need to display information for both those at work and those visiting. It can efficiently guide visitors and guests through the buildings using interactive maps, all while keeping them informed of schedules and emergency alerts. REACH Media Network’s built in data systems seamlessly provides schedules and building directory information so that government officials can begin eliminating the use of paper signage, cutting down costs all together.

Government building examples for Digital Signage:

  • Directing visitors with building maps.
  • Providing building information.
  • Improving workforce communication between staff.
  • Alert both staff and visitors with safety messages.
  • Providing weather alerts.
  • Educating and informing visitors.

It’s time to make a change and improve the functionality of our government buildings. No one should ever be late to an important meeting because they didn’t have the right amount of direction! if you are ready to take your government building to the next level with Digital Signage, it’s time you contact REACH Media Network today! Call us at 952-944-7727 ext. 208 or email us at