Digital Signage Placements: Where will they stare?

When you think about digital signage, the most common place your mind wanders to is a main lobby or in a common waiting area. Start to think outside the box: many successful deployments of digital signage utilize placement areas you normally wouldn’t think offhand. Why you ask?

People today are more and more absorbed into their own daily tasks, personal thoughts, and already on an electronic device, aka. their phone. Start thinking like a patron and place your signage in areas where people are more likely to linger: lounges, break rooms, by the elevator, etc. Your audience will be more inclined to watch your signage while waiting for time to pass for the next thing on their schedule.

In today’s environment, it is quite common for a facility to have at least one digital sign-now a days, it is time to think of expanding your network-sharing announcements, scheduling information, and even live news feeds to multiple screens around your business, campus, fitness facility, etc.

We have put together the top 5 “unusual”, yet very effective, digital signage placement options:

1.Outside bathrooms

Yes, it seems very odd, right? However, think about how many times a day within, an office for example, your employees walk to the bathroom. Its enviable that each person will go there at some point during the day-not only will this give your audience something to glance at while washing their hands, but it will also give a modern boost to your content when and where they will pay attention most and likely to see your message you are trying to get across.

2. Outside Elevators

Make your audience’s time go by faster waiting for that elevator that may be coming down from the 27th floor. They will immediately be engaged to dynamic sign that is placed right by the “countdown of floors” and be more entertaining for your patrons.

3. Waiting Lines

Whether your patrons are grabbing a bite to eat in your cafeteria or waiting to check-in, if you’re like me-patience can be hard to handle! Filling your audience’s ‘valuable’ time with informative and entertaining content is key-keep them occupied with the latest news feeds, videos, or even social media posts!

4. ATMS and vending machines

Traditional vending machines and ATMs are, let’s face it, outdated. Get with the times and add a digital sign in front of your ATMs and vending machines, providing your audience with the latest bank interest rates, nutritional information, etc. so your consumer can get the information in the right place at the right time. Advertise specials or promotions to increase sales!

5. Furniture

Imagine you’re sitting down to eat lunch and their a screen directly in front of you-with live weather information, news content, and information on what’s happening for the week-you’re audience is able to view all the information at once with our dynamic-based software. People will look at a digital screen 50% longer than static signs, according to Intel’s AVA Study. Add animation and flow of content to your screen to keep your patron’s engaged, and more likely to spend more money at the cafeteria as a result!

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