Benefits of Digital Media Networks in Universities

Being on a college campus can make or break your future! If students, staff and visitors aren’t staying connected, you can easily lose touch with important information and upcoming school events! REACH Media Network offers digital media network software that provides a powerful way to advertise and communicate throughout your entire campus! Our college digital software solutions offer clear communication for users and is so easy to use! This product is a must have for all Universities that are looking to reduce wasteful paper clutter and are ready to transition to a more state-of-the-art collegiate atmosphere.

The Needs On A College Campus

Social media is clearly the most modern day way of communicating in this generation. Gone are the days people hang posters and advertise on cork boards in the mail room! Today, college students stay connected on campus by plugging in! REACH Media Network gives Universities limitless opportunities to reach and inform their students about club news, department information, upcoming events, sporting schedules, and so much more! With college digital signage included, REACH can help Universities generate revenue opportunities with campus-approved advertising. Not only does it give students up-to-date information at the click of the button, it also has the capability to broadcast emergency notifications to any digital device: mobile apps, computers, tablets, TVs or touch screens.

REACH Product Features

This product is so easy to use and offers so much flexibility for each University. It is built to empower marketing and communication on campus so that all students and staff can have a way for clear communication. We provide the hardware at a realistic price and offer a reasonably priced annual subscription to the software that includes upgrades, training, and technical support. Our digital media network software is one of a kind and is so versatile that every campus shouldn’t go without it any longer!

REACH Products For Colleges

  • Digital Signage
  • Touch Screens
  • Mobile App
  • Menu Boards
  • iPads/Tablets

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