User-Friendly Digital Signage Software

User Friendly Digital Signage SoftwareLooking to upgrade your facility with digital signage? If so, you need to ensure you work with a company like REACH that provides user-friendly digital signage software. All our software is full of easy to use features that are welcomed by our partners all across the globe. Read on to learn what separates our digital signage software from our competitors.

Key Features of REACH User-Friendly Digital Signage Software

Below are just a few of the features that our partners appreciate about our unique digital signage platform.

  • Publish content to your screen in minutes – Creating digital signage content is extremely easy with REACH software. Simply login to our cloud-based interface, make any changes that are necessary and instantly publish your content to as many digital devices as you’d like.
  • Control your entire network from one dashboard – Regardless of how many digital signage devices you have and regardless of their location, REACH digital signage software allows you to control each one from a single dashboard. In addition, this dashboard is easily accessible from any internet connected computer.
  • Auto populate calendars to save time – Our digital signage software also tightly integrates with a number of cloud based calendar providers so that you can auto populate events as needed. This way you can keep everyone informed as to when important events are happening.
  • REACH mobile app – Not only does our software work for digital signage devices, but you can also use our REACH mobile app to quickly disseminate information to members of your organization. This way you can send alerts as needed to keep everyone informed.
  • Free technical support – At REACH our work is just beginning when you choose to use our digital signage software. We always offer free technical support to ensure you’re able to get the most out of our fully featured software. If you have any questions about our platform, or if you’re simply looking for some design help, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at any time.
  • Wide array of apps & widgets – Use our large number of apps & widgets to add interactive elements to your digital signage. A few examples include weather, headlines, live video and much more.

Contact the REACH Team Today to Learn More About Our Digital Signage Software

While we may be a bit biased, we think you’ll have a hard time finding a digital signage platform with more features than REACH. To prove it to you, we’d love to give you a free demo of our software at your convenience. Feel free to reach out to our team today to schedule a time to check out our software.

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