University Digital Signage

Digital Signage for Universities

The campus size and populations of Universities around the country continue to get bigger and bigger each year. Due to the increase in size, colleges are eagerly looking for ways to better connect with their student population. Keeping a student body updated on events, alerts, games, and scheduling can become quite difficult. Now is the time to take a step in the direction of technology and invest in digital signage solutions from REACH Media Network. By investing in our digital signage, you can keep students, faculty, and visitors better informed with real time information throughout the day.

Ways to Better Connect

  • Signage – Our digital signage can be posted across campus in various buildings, dormitories, cafeterias or athletic facilities.
  • Mobile App – Students this day in age have their cell phones on them 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Why not take advantage of this by pushing helpful information directly to their mobile devices?
  • Touchscreens – By implementing touchscreens around campus, you can make it easier for students to schedule meetings, vote, or check availability for items like library books.

Advantages of Digital Signage

  • Alerts – As a University, it is very important to get important alerts out to students quickly. Our software allows you to push emergency alerts such as inclement weather, danger, or anything else that the student body needs to know about.
  • Scheduling – Through digital signage, you can promote the various sporting events scheduled on campus for the week, or the signage can help manage the use of conference rooms or other meeting areas.
  • Social Media – Nearly all of the student body has some form of social media. Why not take advantage of this by keeping students in tune on current events, announcements, and alerts through the use of our software.

In order to remain competitive in comparison to other Universities across the country, you must stay up to date with technology. The next best step for your University is to invest in digital signage and software through REACH Media Network. Call us today at (952) 944-7727 or email to learn more about our digital signage products.

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