What are the Best Free Digital Signage Software Features?

What are the Best Free Digital Signage Software Features

The Best Free Digital Signage Software Features

When you’re beginning to think about adding digital signage to your location, you’re likely looking for the best digital signage software features to ensure your investment is worthwhile. Thankfully when you work with REACH Media Network, you gain access to a whole host of features that are bundled in our easy to use cloud based platform.

Top Features of REACH Digital Signage Software

Below are just a few of the many features of our digital signage software. Should you have any questions about any of these features, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.

  • Real-Time Social Media Posts – Chances are your social media content is not getting the exposure that it deserves. Thankfully, digital signage can change all that. Thanks to our cloud based digital signage software you can connect your social media accounts and have your posts automatically populate to your digital signage. This way your social media content will finally get more exposure and in turn more engagement from your employees and/or customers.
  • Post Fun Pictures/Activities – Think of your digital signage as a virtual bulletin board where important, as well as fun content can be posted. Easily share fun pictures and activities that can help to better engage with your audience, whether that’s employees or customers.
  • Easy to Use Web-Based Content Management System – When you decide on a digital signage platform, it’s important that the content management system be setup in such a way that anyone, regardless of their technical background is able to easily update your digital signage content. Our web-based content management system was built from the ground up to be user friendly so that your team won’t be frustrated every time they need to make changes to your digital signage.
  • Access to FREE Technical Support – Many times when you purchase hardware or software, you’re essentially on your own when it comes to implementation and ongoing support. Thanks to REACH, you’ll never be alone when you’re using our feature packed digital signage platform. Simply pick up the phone at any time and talk with one of our digital signage experts who can help you with any issue you’re dealing with. We’re so confident in our software that we’ll even offer design assistance to ensure you’re able to get the most out of our platform.

Schedule a Free Demo of Our Digital Signage Software

If you like what you’ve heard so far about our digital signage software, why not pick up the phone and schedule a free demo of our web-based digital signage software?

To speak with one of our team members, give us a call today at 952-255-6296.

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