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REACH’s Digital Signage Apps and extensions reduce data entry time. With its many available integrations, REACH makes it easier to enter data. In addition, REACH’s software has evolved to the point where it can now integrate with various systems and other applications. Digital layouts can utilize user-imported data sets, saving time and effort. Then, theContinue reading “REACH’s Integrations, Apps, & Extensions Streamline Data Entry”

Celebrate Hanukkah with Holiday-Themed Digital Signage Introduction Hanukkah is right around the corner, and many Jewish Community Centers, Temples, and Jewish-run businesses will be updating their messaging to reflect the holiday season. Doing so can freshen up your displays and attract new eyes while giving old viewers more reasons to return. There are many waysContinue reading “Celebrate Hanukkah with Holiday-Themed Digital Signage”

10 Reasons Why I Need Digital Signage for Elementary Schools Introduction Schools are beginning to implement digital technologies in order to enhance the learning experience. Digital whiteboards give students the tools to interact with lessons directly, while other displays can keep the community informed on events, important deadlines, and wayfinding. As a result of theseContinue reading “10 Reasons Why I Need Digital Signage for Elementary Schools”

How to Set Up a Digital Notification Board for your School What can a digital sign do for you? Bulletin boards and physical posters are being replaced by digital alternatives. These digital signs afford the same benefits as their physical counterparts with added benefits that let them leverage apps and integrations. For instance, in additionContinue reading “How to Set Up a Digital Sign for Schools”

Snohomish County PUD finds internal success through digital signage Background Snohomish County Public Utility Department prides itself on providing power and water to its community in an environmentally sustainable manner. Due to the complexity of their service, it is important that everyone in their team is on the same page in order to serve theContinue reading “Snohomish County Utility District Deploys Employee Digital Signage”

REACH awarded fall leadership awards by G2 Users REACH’s stellar customer service receives further recognition REACH has won the “Users Love Us” and “Fall Leader” awards for the second time in a row, in addition to winning the “Best Relationship” award from business software site G2. The recognition highlights REACH’s commitment to maintaining strong relationshipsContinue reading “G2 Users award REACH fall leadership rewards for 2022”

What is a Digital Bulletin Board & its Uses? An Intro to Digital Bulletin Boards With the power of digital signage, you can replace your physical bulletin boards with state-of-the-art technology that bolsters your communication strategy. Digital bulletin boards are screens connected to hardware equipped with digital signage software. Through a content management system, youContinue reading “What is a Digital Bulletin Board & its Uses?”

6 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Schools K-12 How to Use Digital Signage in Schools K-12 Digital signage software comes with the flexibility to adapt to any industry. Whether in a manufacturing plant or a classroom, digital signage has the tools to bolster communication in any setting. However, the way in which you useContinue reading “6 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Schools K-12”

Shelter Insurance Revamps Communication Through Signage Digital signage reforms internal communication for the insurance company Background Shelter Insurance originally was not looking to implement digital signage for internal communication. Rather, it simply wanted a way to show people new cafeteria options in hopes that it would gain more traffic. However, after doing some research, itContinue reading “Shelter Mutual Insurance Expands Communication With Digital Signage”

How To Use Digital Signage for College and Universities Digital signage as a tool for education Students from across the nation are more plugged into the digital space than ever before. Acting as both a social network as well as an information hub, students are naturally drawn to digital avenues as their primary source ofContinue reading “How To Use Digital Signage for College and Universities”