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“REFRESH” ON THESE PLAYER TIPS & TOOLS PLAYER STATUS & OPTIONS As you look over your players from the dashboard, you’ll find you have more tools available to you than it initially seems. For instance, the 3 icons to the right allow you to interact directly with your players in a variety of ways. InContinue reading ““Refresh” On These Player Tips & Tools”

A Quick Guide to Set Up Your BrightSign Player An Intro to BrightSign Players One of the major factors of having a successful digital signage campaign is having reliable hardware to play your content. If your players are constantly crashing, viewers will miss out on your content and grow frustrated with persistent downtime. While manyContinue reading “Quick Start to Setting Up BrightSign Players”

Sony Interactive Entertainment Expands REACH Digital Signage Program REACH Media Network is excited to announce an expanded partnership with media powerhouse Sony Interactive Entertainment, based in San Mateo, CA. Sony Interactive Entertainment is a household name thanks to PlayStation as well as its other interactive game offerings. Sony Interactive Entertainment was established in 1993 andContinue reading “Sony Interactive Entertainment Expands REACH Digital Signage Program”