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Why You Should Implement Digital Signage for Internal Communications Internal Signage Solutions Studies have found that human brains organize up to 70,000 thoughts a day, yet we can process up to 11 million bits of information a second! That is a lot of data to constantly be taking in, which can result in important informationContinue reading “Why You Should Implement Digital Signage for Internal Communications”

What Is Digital Signage? Regardless of your experience working with digital signage, you have likely already seen examples of it in your everyday lives. If you have seen a digital billboard on the side of the road, then you have experienced digital signage! But understanding the significance of digital signage is more complex. Technology thatContinue reading “A Complete Introduction To Digital Signage”

As a company grows it can be difficult to effectively communicate between departments, especially if you’re dealing with multiple locations or facilities. One way to combat this breakdown in communication is with the use of corporate communications digital signage and hardware. At REACH Media Network, we offer cloud based digital signage software that can ensureContinue reading “Corporate Communications Digital Signage for Internal Communications”