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We’ve all done it. If you are a regular gym-goer, at some point you’ve gotten bored with your workout and decided to “clock out” early from the gym. Sometimes the headphones and the small little TV playing C-SPAN in the corner just don’t cut it for you. This day in age, regular gyms are doingContinue reading “Fitness Center Digital Signage”

When one goes back approximately ten years, there were not nearly as many health and fitness clubs as there are today, nor was fitness center digital signage being used. However, in any given city, you will probably be able to locate at least one health and fitness facility, such as the YMCA. There seems toContinue reading “Fitness Club Digital Signage”

The fitness center industry has become a very competitive market over the last decade. As Americans have focused more on working out and staying fit, more and more health and fitness centers have opened up around the country. These facilities are searching day in and day out for ways to separate themselves from the competition.Continue reading “Health and Fitness Center Digital Signage”