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7 Benefits of Digital Signage for Colleges and Universities Education & Digital Signage The world of education is being transformed by digital technology. Hallways, cafeterias, and classrooms are replacing physical bulletin boards and posters with digital signage. Digital signage comes with a host of benefits not afforded by traditional media, such as increased flexibility andContinue reading “7 Benefits of Digital Signage for Colleges and Universities”

10 Reasons Why I Need Digital Signage for Elementary Schools Introduction Schools are beginning to implement digital technologies in order to enhance the learning experience. Digital whiteboards give students the tools to interact with lessons directly, while other displays can keep the community informed on events, important deadlines, and wayfinding. As a result of theseContinue reading “10 Reasons Why I Need Digital Signage for Elementary Schools”

PRODUCTION DISPLAY BOARDS & DIGITAL SIGNAGE FOR MANUFACTURING Manufacturing employees often work long hours, on their feet, doing the same tasks hundreds of times over. Their accomplishments are number-based, which is often a far cry for the amount of effort put into a given day. The manufacturing industry accounts for millions of jobs in theContinue reading “5 REASONS TO USE DIGITAL SIGNAGE IN MANUFACTURING FACILITIES”

COMPANY BACKGROUND Baldwin Commercial Properties (BCP) owns and operates 12 commercial office buildings, primarily located in the west suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. BCP portfolio consists of over 500k sq ft of leasable space. Buildings range in size from six stories with 50 tenants to two stories with 15 tenants. In 2017, Jim Baldwin, President, andContinue reading “Baldwin Commercial Properties Implements Digital Signage To Improve Guest Experience and Modernize Their Properties”

Looking for a way to circulate information quickly at the office or your place of business? Digital bulletin boards allows you to share your important information by organizing it into digestible and visually pleasing display screens. At REACH Media Network, we’ve developed cloud-based digital bulletin software that can turn any screen into a digital bulletinContinue reading “Why Your Organization Needs Digital Bulletin Boards”