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Recently, Brookview Community Center, located in Golden View, MN underwent a significant remodeling project to update its popular facility. Brookview Community Center offers a large number of amenities including wonderful event space, a bar & grill, an indoor playground, golf and lawn bowling and much, much more. This renovation project was completed in late 2018Continue reading “New Brookview Community Center Gets a Digital Signage Upgrade!”

In an effort to boost safety in the workplace, REACH has recently partnered with 60 Seconds of Safety to deliver a wide array of engaging content and ultimately reinforce a safe work environment to help make a positive impact in the workplace. These unique safety videos are updated monthly with hand drawn animations in high-qualityContinue reading “REACH Proud to Partner with 60 Seconds of Safety”

REACH digital signage software has recently been updated to add free critical emergency messaging using our National Weather Alerts digital signage app. In addition to the emergency messaging, users now also have the option to takeover and override content and/or displays for various emergencies. Screens can display seasonal weather emergencies such as blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoesContinue reading “Free National Weather Alerts Now Available with REACH Digital Signage Software”

REACH Media Network is constantly working on its digital signage software to offer new features to its partners. Because of the cloud-based nature of the software, REACH developers can constantly add new updates to the software without partners having to spend time upgrading their devices. All upgrades happen in the cloud, which allows partners toContinue reading “Real-Time Digital Signage Interruptions Functionality Released”

Sony Interactive Entertainment Expands REACH Digital Signage Program REACH Media Network is excited to announce an expanded partnership with media powerhouse Sony Interactive Entertainment, based in San Mateo, CA. Sony Interactive Entertainment is a household name thanks to PlayStation as well as its other interactive game offerings. Sony Interactive Entertainment was established in 1993 andContinue reading “Sony Interactive Entertainment Expands REACH Digital Signage Program”

REACH Media Network is excited to announce a new SharePoint digital signage integration that will be welcomed by many organizations around the world. This new integration allows an organization’s SharePoint data to be automatically ingested into REACH digital signage software so that this data can then be displayed on screens across an organization. SharePoint isContinue reading “REACH’s SharePoint Digital Signage Integration Gets Major Upgrade”

REACH Media Network is excited to announce an expansion of an existing arrangement with The Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA). REACH and the MVTA have been partners since 2016, and this new expansion will allow even more residents in seven suburbs surrounding Minneapolis and St. Paul to experience this cutting edge digital signage technology. TheContinue reading “Minnesota Valley Transit Authority Expands Digital Signage with REACH”

REACH Media Network in a continued effort to give back to charitable organizations around the country, recently partnered with Northwestern University to make the extremely popular “Northwestern Dance Marathon” a resounding success. The Northwestern University Dance Marathon has been in existence for 46 years and its focus is to create an inclusive and enriching environmentContinue reading “REACH partners with Northwestern for Charity Digital Signage”

REACH has recently partnered with MacLean-Fogg to provide digital signage across their many different manufacturing facilities. MacLean-Fogg Company is a group of global enterprises which partner with key customers to engineer, manufacture and distribute products for the automotive and power utility marketplaces worldwide. Founded in 1925, today MacLean-Fogg is a global enterprise with 26 globalContinue reading “MacLean-Fogg Expands Digital Signage Program with REACH”

When MESA, a buying and marketing group that operates the largest signage network of specialty electronic retailers in the US and Canada was looking to upgrade their content, they partnered with REACH Media Network. This partnership began in March 2017, and has evolved over the years; in 2019, MESA and REACH’s Creative Team worked togetherContinue reading “MESA Launches New Template and Content Across All Locations”